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2006-2009 2009-2013 2013-present

Nick Radio is a children‘s radio station available in El Kadsre and other regions. It existed ten years before the US counterpart.

Areas served

  • El Kadsreian Islands






Nick Radio logo.svg.png

Nick Radio is currently operated by iHeart Media (formerly ElStar Radio) in conjunction with Viacom.


  • When the station airs Hedley's song Anything, Chorus line "Uh uh, f*** that, I can do anything," is changed to "Uh uh, awkward, I can do anything".
  • This was probably done to remove the drug, sexual, inappropriate or others reference and/or to promote the slime factor of Nickelodeon.
  • The station does not air any advertisements between 9:00pm to 7:00am.
  • In February 2010, one of the workers were fired for swearing after he dropped his coffee cup.
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