Nick Filipino


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In January 12, 1999, Viacom (YinYangia) launched a Filipino kids channel called Nick Filipino and known for the very first kids channel in YinYangia which is fully Filipino language, followed by Cartoon Network Pilipiña, launched in 2003. The channel aired a bunch of Filipino dubbed shows like Spongebob Squarepants.

Nick Pilipiña


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In May 19, 2004, Nick Filipino renamed Nick Pilipiña (designed Nick Pilipinya). The word "Pilipiña" is also used in Cartoon Network Pilipiña

Nick Plus


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In October 25, 2009, Nick Pilipiña finally renamed Nick Plus. Now Nick Plus airs a lot of cartoons on Nickelodeon dubbed in the Filipino languages. Some non Nickelodeon shows are added on the schedule like Totally Spies! and Adventure Time.


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