Nick-N-Watch is a free web browser for watching Nickelodeon tales launched on March 12, 2002. In Europe it was known as Nick Online TV. In 2008 it was replaced by Nickvideos.





  • Scenes removed for Nick-N-Watch:
    • In episode "Wormy" scenes with close-up Wormy were removed but in 2005 they returned.
    • Scenes from the "Patty Hype" episode:
      • When Larry shows muscles
      • and when Mr. Krabs makes big eyes, they were removed until 2005.
    • The scene from the episode of "Krusty Love", where they show the dead Mr. Puff, was removed from the corpse of the brutal killing of Mr. Puff.The scene was resumed with TurboNick.
  • Scenes removed in SpongeBob, but you could still see them:
    • A scene like Squidward, he enters The Krusty Krab and is burned with gasoline (You can still watch until January 2, 2003 (One Just Bite)))
    • As SpongeBob looks through the window, he dreams of a car career (It can be viewed along with TV broadcast to May 2005 (Procrastination))
    • The scene in which the narrator says "Will SpongeBob learn to fly? Stay tuned". (you can see it until June 2004 (The Sponge Who Could Fly))
    • When SpongeBob and Patridk slip and hit the wall, it was accidentally added from the storyboard (The next day was removed (Wet Painters))
    • The original ending of the episode where at the end SpongeBob says "Can I have his star?" (was added on September 15, 2002 and later removed (New Student Starfish))
    • When SpongeBob has a red face (was added accidentally, but was removed the next day (Texas))
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