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NewsfeedTV is a Sakarian news channel owned by Newsfeed.



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On May 25, 1999, TV5 Broadcasting Corporation (now ABC Networks) launched its first secondary channel targeted at young women.

Due to high fees and financial issues, iAMTV ceased all operations.

MYX Sakaria


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Wanting to reach out into the Sakarian television market, MYX/ABS-CBN signed a contract with TV5 Broadcasting Corporation to use/lease the spot/frequency of the former iAMTV.

MYX broadcasted shows that were shown in the Philippines except it was modified to fit Sakaria.

MYX soon became one of the highest rated music channels in Sakaria, beating its former competitor; Channel V (which later later relaunched into Chronoteve).

But, due to the launch of MTV SKA, ratings/viewership plummeted which led into a financial crisis for both TV5 and MYX. As MYX (Sakaria) was leaning further into ceasing operations in Sakaria, TV5 terminated their contract in 2013 and the channel was left unused for about a year.

GT5 (Good Time 5)


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TV5 Broadcasting Corporation launched another Entertainment channel using the spot/frequency of the former MYX Sakaria.

GT5 was formed after TV5 signed again another contract with A+E Networks which operated channels such as Lifetime, A&E, History and so on. This contract was later terminated by A+E due to unknown reasons.

GT5 then went off the air on November 6, 2017 and hopes of a new channel were uncertain.



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On December 23, 2017, 5EN was launched on the same channel slot/frequency of the former GT5. This time, TV5 had signed no contracts with other media companies/conglomerates which in return allowed them to increase the budgets for show production. This also caused 5EN to have an increase in viewership and ratings.

CNN Sakaria


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On June 3, 2020, ETN was sold to WarnerMedia as part of a restructuring, then ETN was renamed into CNN Sakaria.



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After slumping ratings ever since its launch, CNN Sakaria was sold to Sakarian newspaper Newsfeed and was rebranded to NewsfeedTV.