1st Logo (October 27-December 18, 1995)

Appearance: On a moonlit night, Mike (psuedo-name for the Neon Bear from 1985) walks on two legs for five seconds. Then he stops, while still standing on them, He picks his pocket on the right and puts his diamond in his palm. A shower of light beams toward the W, causing the other letters to flip in reveal, then on top the NEL appear, with the others letters appearing 1 second after.


  • The more common version, starts with with a shower of light, with Mike removed. The rest has happened as expected.
  • One variant was when Mike sat on a stool in his forest looking at the logo. This was only shown on December 5th, 1995.

Finale variant: The variant shown on the final day of the logo, Mike is absent, replaced with a person with a camera, and is viewed in first person. The light is also absent. Instead a raindrop appears near a log, causing the log to carve itself into the logo.

Sound: Usually silent, making the scare factor, low to "medium bordering high". The logo only had music on the final day, with a 9 note folk-tune unknown to anyone. Then, when the raindrop appears, one saxaphone note (E key), in the carving: a 6-note choir.

2nd Logo (Late 1990-2001)

Appearance: The appearance is yet to be found, this logo was extremely rare. So it may only be in the hands of collectors. What we know about is it takes place on a red and yellow checker background. The font used for the logo was stolen in early 2000, but is very similar to Comic Sans MS.

Sound: Yet to be found by anyone.

Scare factor: Unknown, only to be known by the caretakers of it.

Foundation and defunction info

This company was founded in 1993, with the right of Warner Bros in an interview with Hirsch himself.

The company grew weaker as the years went by, since the company had pirating issues due to time isssues. Finally in 2001, the companies agreed to break up this channel ever since.

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