NEBN (Acronym for National Entertainment Broadcast Network) is a channel founded in 1967 as a local broadcast channel, since 1987 broadcasts as a cable channel covering the U.S.

Airs WWE, anime, cartoons, live action and also on weekends airs NEBN Fantasy Squad (in conjunction with Litton), a weekend block for 10-14 age kids.

NEBN (first era)


NEBN 67 logo
Until 1979, was known as Northeast Broadcasting Network, covering the Tri-State Area and some of the East Coast states.


NEBN 79 logo

In 1979 NEBN modified its typography and added a red/blue square, and adopted the name, National Entertainment Broadcast Network, due to the expansion to the southeastern and central states.

NEBN Superstation

1985-1992 (Secondary) (Superstation)

NEBN 85 logo

In 1987 NEBN expanded to all of the U.S. as a cable network, and also included O&O's in some major markets.

NEBN (secornd era)


NEBN 92 logo

NEBN Returned to its famous name and unveiled the "Tricolored N".

2011-2017, 2017-2018 (Secondary)

NEBN 2011 logo
NEBN 2011 logo alt

Alternate logo (2014-2017)

After almost 2 decades NEBN changed its logo, and also changed to a Wii/Wii U-esque font.

2017, 2018-present (main)

NEBN 2017 logo
NEBN 2017 logo 2

Secondary logo

In 2017 the NEBN logo was slightly changed, due to the commence to the 4K ressolution.

2018-2019 (secondary)

NEBN 2018

NEBN inveiled its new logo to keep line with Nplus

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