Watching Mystery Train meant a Friday night full of horrors and thriller series and films on El TV Kadsre 2. Every week you could see an 10 horror web episodes of Escape the Night with Joey Graceffa, horror cartoons, BlackBoxTV short films and horror movies. The show was hosted by Tony Dinka and ran from September until November of that same year. Escape the Night was episodes from YouTube Red original series, after that other cult program, Moviedrome. Maybe you wonder why we dedicate a page to this teen-week series? Well, because somehow everybody who watched it all those years ago, still remembers the show. That alone should be enough for it to deserve a page, but never underestimate the factor of the movies. Delicious horror, the only genre to be the best and the worst of its decade at the same time.This is what you watched/missed in the autumn of 2016:

September 9th

  1. Escape the Night "An Invitation"
  2. Shed 17 (a Thomas the Tank Engine creepypasta story)
  3. BlackBoxTV: The Night Shift
  4. Film: Insidious (2010)

September 16th

  1. Escape the Night "The Ungodly Machine"
  2. Film: Pet Sematary 2 (1992)
  3. BlackBoxTV: The Night Tour
  4. Xombie Dead on Arrival (animated series by Epic Level TV)

September 23rd

  1. Escape the Night "Buried Alive"
  2. Film: Snakes on a Train (2006)
  3. BlackBoxTV: This Is For You Baby
  4. A Girl In A Room II

September 30th

  1. Escape the Night "Mannequins"
  2. Who's Hungry?
  3. BlackBoxTV: The Babysitter
  4. Film: Evil Dead (1981)

October 7th

  1. Escape the Night "Freak Show"
  2. One's Winter Night
  3. BlackBoxTV: Tiny Dancer
  4. Film: Stephen King's IT (1990)

October 14th

  1. Escape the Night "Did Someone Call For An Exorcist?"
  2. Bed Time (voiced by Amanda Kay)
  3. BlackBoxTV: Catch My Fall
  4. Film: The ABCs of Death (2013)

October 21st

  1. Escape the Night "Mermaid Tales"
  2. Follow The Sun (terror drive-in intermission short film)
  3. BlackBoxTV: Count to Ten
  4. Film: Braindead (1992)

October 28th

  1. Escape the Night "All Out War"
  2. Just Deilcious
  3. BlackBoxTV: Girl Play Games
  4. Film: Scream of The Banshee (2011)

November 4th

  1. Escape the Night "Wicked Hallucinations"
  2. The Lady's Room (animation by Johnathan Wrathborne)
  3. BlackBoxTV: Wake
  4. Film: Body Melt (1993)

November 11th

  1. Escape the Night "Betrayal At The House On The Hill"
  2. Film: Ghostwatch (1992)
  3. BlackBoxTV: How to Quit YouTube
  4. Tsume (a scary CGI short film with nail art)