• The show is currently animated in flash by Labocine Digital (since 2009; which is still look similar to the 2007 film Uma Aventura no Tempo and 13 episodes of the original Brazilian show (which aired on Cartoon Network Brazil in 2009), as well as Cine Gibi 4 and Cine Gibi 5).
  • In the 1998-2007 episodes of the show, Monica, Jimmy Five, Smudge and Maggy were voiced by Cree Summer, Wally Wingert, Jim Cummings and Nancy Cartwright.
  • In the revival series, Monica, Jimmy Five, Smudge and Maggy were voiced by the new voice actors Grey Griffin, Rob Paulsen, Tom Kenny and Jessica DiCicco, which sounds similar to the original Brazilian show's voices by Marli Bortoletto, Angélica Santos, Paulo Cavalcante and Elza Gonçalves.
  • This show was created by Maurício de Sousa.
  • Only Maurício de Sousa Produções, Labocine Digital, Globo TV International (until 2014), CBS Television Studios and Ultra Productions have its closing logos shown.
  • The series is settled in the fictional Bairro do Limoeiro in São Paulo and focuses on Monica, Jimmy Five, Smudge and Maggy.