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Intel TV Logo 1995- 2004

Intel .TV Screen Bug 1995-2004

Intel .TV 1995-2004[]

Intel .TV was a channel dedicated all about computer, at the time when this was first came out, Microsoft hired Intel .TV to make a show all about computer called. The Science Between IBM Computers, The show lasted since 1995 - 2002. During 2004 Intel Changed their name to Intel TV since .TV sounded like a website.

Intel TV 2004-2012[]

Intel TV Logo 2004-2012

Intel TV was still about computer but they added some new shows like for example, Intel News at 6, Computer Talk, History On Computers and Dell Facts. Sadly, Dell Facts lasted through 2004 - 2005 because, most of the facts didn't even exist and Intel TV didn't even though so they pulled it off the air.

Intel TV Screenbug 2012

Intel TV Screen Bug 2004-2012

Intel (TV Network) 2012-2016[]

Intel TV Screenbug (2014)

Intel Screen Bug 2012-2016

Intel was the same exact network has Intel TV but with the name just changed to Intel, the Intel logo you see is the same logo for the screenbug, just with a whitest tint to it like the nbc screenbug but there is no picture of it.

Microsoft Network 2016-present[]

On July 2nd 2016. Intel (Television Network) got bought out by Microsoft and changed the name to Microsoft Network.

Microsfot Network
Microsfot Networkf

Microsoft Network Screen Bug 2016-Present