Background: Mars Video is an Australian VHS company formed somewhere in the 1980s.


Logo:A space ship is seen flying a red space background. A spider goes onto the screen, & eats the space ship. The company name appears in a water effect in front of the spider in an orange tower font.

FX/SFX: the space ship flying, the spider eating it, & the company name in water effect

Cheesy Factor:...which looks outdated for it's time. Also, there's no Mars in it, so the name isn't true to the logo.

Sounds/Music:A piano theme playing

Availibility:Rare. Most VHS tapes are very hard to find now-in-days due to them being out of print.

Scare Factor:Medium to Nightmare. The space ship has a rather creepy design, & the red space background makes it much more creepy. The spider is the most terrifying part of the logo as it not just looks extremely haunting, but the fact that it EATS THE SPACE SHIP!!!! What makes it even more terrifying is that THERE'S A PERSON IN THE SPACE SHIP SCREAMING IN TERROR!!! Thankfully, there's no blood, nor any gore in the logo, & some may get used to it.

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