Network 38


in 1994, DWKL-TV was launched and under "Network 38" brand, airing several of old Filipino movies and classic Filipino TV shows, it was short-lived and Network 38 shutted down.



in 1994, DWKL-TV joins JAITS to launch MHT, it was owned by Japanese Television Corporation Philippines (owned by Manuel Villar), it was the only Japanese-language TV station in Metro Manila.

in 1996, as Anime gained popularity in the Philippines, MHT opened over 9 O&O stations and 13 affiliate stations.



in July 24, 2011 at 12pm, MHT switched its analog feed from simulcast to blue screen loop (much like other Japanese stations, it will stay loop until midnight) to inform about analog shutdown of MHT.

in July 25, 2011 at midnight, MHT switched off its analog signals (like other Japanese stations), making MHT the first TV station in the Philippines to switch off its analog signal before Light Network.




2021 (upcoming)

in 2021, MHT might adopt Tokyo MX's Yume the Lion package.

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