Background:Madshot was a Macedonian video game company from 1984 to 2005. Unlike most game companies, they never released any video games on an Nintendo platform. This is due to that they wanted to make games for Sega & Beamtec systems, & rather spend cheaper budgets than what Nintendo did.

Logo 1(1987-1994)

Logo:The color blue is the background, & there's a ball falling down along with a yellow ball going upwards to the red ball. The 2 mix together, with the result of a rounded red side, & a pointy yellow side. The company's name appears below the combination. It evantually fades to black after 2 seconds.

FX/SFX:The balls going directions, the combining, & the company name appearing from the left. Very impressive for the game systems it was used on, especially the 8-bit consoles, the Beamtec Hyperstation, & the Master System.


Availability:Seen on most of their earlier titles at the time from the Beamtec Hyperstation, & Master System to later systems like the Sega Genesis. Also started appearing on the Game Gear in 1992. The 1st 3 Sega CD games they made also used this logo.

Scare Factor:High, due to the rather haunting looking blue background, & the balls mixing together in a rather creepy way.

Logo 2(1994-1997)

Logo:We see the 2 balls from previously already in their mixed form, but now in 3D along with 3 oddly colored bombs blasting towards it at about 78 miles an hour. The mixed combination avoids the 3 bombs, which instead explode eac hother. The mixed combination spits out the company name, & then it fades to a cyan screen where the word, "PRESENTS", zooms in.

FX/SFX:Described on the top. Nice 3D at the time, & it holds up pretty decent today.

Sound/Music:A rock guitar tune plays in the background.

Availability:Seen on their later titles on the Beamtec Hyperstation, Master System, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Sega CD, PS1, Sega 32X, & Atari Jaguar(they started making Jagaur titles in 1995).

Scare Factor:High, due to the mixed balls looking very nightmarish along with the bombs going super fast that can cause some to get scared of them, & the spitting out.

Logo 3(1997-2005)

Logo:We see the mixed combination again, but this time they're in a pink diamond trying to escape it. The combination breaks out, & the company name fades in.

FX/SFX:The combination moving, the diamond braking, & the company name fading in. Great 3D animation that holds up very well today.

Sound/Music:The combination braking the diamond, & the rock guitar from before, but with different music.

Availability:Seen on their last titles for the Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Sega CD, PS1, 32X, & Atari Jaguar. Also seen on their PS2 titles.

Scare Factor:Medium, due to the creepy rock music playing.

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