Mackeymania is a production company.

Oprah Pictures

March 25, 2008-February 28, 2010

Oprah winkler

In 2008, Harpo, Inc merged with GC Entertainment and Columbia to found its subsidiary Oprah Pictures. Greg Johnson was its founder and Oprah Winfrey was its CEO

Rapidash II Productions


March 25, 2008-May 30, 2011

Rapidash ll

After Tristar was merged with the Pokemon Company and GC Entertainment, Rapidash ll Productions was born.

June 1-November 30, 2011

Rapidash ll 2

It was later owned by The Mackey Brothers in October of 2011 and created a television production company called Rapidash ll Television.

Oprah-Rapidash ll Productions

December 1, 2011-June 9, 2013

Oprah winkler 2

In 2011, Oprah Pictures and Rapidash ll Productions was merged into Oprah-Rapidash ll Productions.

MM Productions


June 10-July 16, 2013


Due to trademark issues from The Pokemon Company, GC Media Arts has merged with GC Multimedia into MM. This is a shortlived logo for a month. And that's how the "MM" abbreviation was created. Founder Dilly Mackey said "It should stand for Mackey and Mackey or McConnaughey and McConnaughey and GC MultiMedia Arts. We decided to add the "Mackeymania" Text. And just call it M-M."

Mackeymania Productions


July 17-November 25, 2013

Doompy poomp

MM Productions and Cheap as Free Films was merged with Harmless Junk, Inc. to make "Mackeymania". The "MM" abbreviation was opt out, and the word was coined.

November 26-September 30, 2014


October 1, 2014-present