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in November 21, 2020, after ViacomCBS forced to reallocate licenses of all sports leagues and events that aired on ActiveSports to other networks (like TV5 and FBN) starting immediately from November 20, 2020, the last sports programming was WWE Raw, which was broadcasted at 3pm, and ended at 4pm, and followed by marathon of Spiderman (1978) (originally several sports programming but was suddenly changed after ViacomCBS's brutal decision) for 8 hours straight, at 12am, ActiveSports was finally signed off with thank you message which says "Thank You and Salamat Po for 9 years, thanks for being with us, but there will be a new TV channel coming this January" (note: bold TV text indicated its in font that used in "TV" in MTV logo, forcing netizens posted about MTV's return to Philippine Free TV), ActiveSports was forced shutdown and replaced with temporary channel, GSTV 2, which will air until December 25, 2020 at 02:59pm:59 Philippine Standard Time, will be replace with new permanent channel, which is named as MTV Free, the first program to air on temporary GSTV 2 was "Kidszone block", which airs from 4am to 3pm that day, the first official program to air on GSTV 2 Kidszone block was "Planet Cosmo" episode titled "Frozen Night", while last programming to air on GSTV 2 will be likely "The Simpsons", which will air as marathon on December 25 at 9am-3pm.

MTV Free


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on November 23, 2020, during ViacomCBS Philippines Upfront, MTV Free was announced to replace GSTV 2, which was unexpectedly shutted down on November 21, 2020, MTV Free to air MTV programming (including MTV Asia programming) in original English with Tagalog subs, also airs SBS-MTV, MTV Japan, MTV China, MTV India and MTV Latin America programming in original audios (mostly Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi and Spanish) with Filipino subs, also airs GSTV Kidszone on its own programming block called "MTV Kidszone", which will airs everyday at 4am-12pm (weekdays)/3pm (weekends), MTV Free to air some shows that aired by rival stations (like ABS-CBN/Kapamilya Channel (including Myx), TV5 and GMA), including Bawal na Game Show!, Pilipinas Game KNB, ASAP Rewind and Myx Throwback, however MTV Free will also air archives from GSTV's local and Tagalog-dubbed foreign programming library (mostly on 12am-4am slot), despite being named as "MTV" brand channel, the main MTV Asia channel will remain broadcast on Philippines, with name change to MTV Premium (on-screen text will remain just "MTV"), the logo designed by The Graphics Design.

on December 7, 2020, GSTV announced that first MTV show to air on MTV Free will be "Clone High", which will air every Wednesday-Friday at 12pm via their post on their social media accounts (for example, a MTV Free's Facebook post saying "MTV Free (not counting Kidszone) first show will be the show where "Say Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- aaaaaaaaa-" meme and JFK meme originated").

on December 11, 2020, MTV Free was advertised nationally via poster, billboard, TV, YouTube ads and beyond (especially road ads, flags ads and provincial-focused ads), making the biggest ad of Philippines of 2020.

on December 13, 2020, MTV Free launch date was pushed to December 25, 2020 from original date, due to too much hype, unlike We Can Be Heroes premiere date being pushed.

on December 25, 2020 (Christmas Day), GSTV 2 was rebranded to MTV Free at 3pm.

February 22, 2021-present

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in February 15, 2021, to overcome GMA News TV rebrand, MTV Free to tweak its logo with upcoming logo, making this version eliminate 3D effect after MTVska.

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