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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
[[MBS (United States)/Other]]
[[MBS (United States)/Other]]
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[[Category:United States]]
[[Category:United States]]
[[Category:MBS Corp]]
[[Category:MBS Corp]]

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[[MBS (United States)#|]] [[MBS (United States)#|]]

The Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS) is an American commercial television network owned by UBS Corp. The radio network launched on May 15, 1935. The television network launched on August 24, 1945.


Mutual 1934


Mutual 1937


Mutual 1939


Mutual 1944


MBS logo 1945
The first MBS logo was in the style of the 1944 radio logo. Until 1969, each subsequent logo was in the style of the radio network's logo.


MBS logo 1949


MBS logo 1954


MBS logo 1959


MBS Logo 1960


MBS logo 1964


MBS Logo 1966


MBS logo
This logo was designed by Landor Associates in 1969 and introduced on September 21 that year, in time for its 35th anniversary. The logo is an M closed by an extra line segment.

1969-1972, 1999-2016

MBS logo Helvetica
This logo was introduced along with the current symbol. The wordmark is in Helvetica. It was retired as part of the radio network's logo change. It was brought back after the radio network's closure in 1999. It was retired once again in 2017 as part of a rebrand.


MBS Logo 1972
As part of a logo change of the radio network, MBS switched its font to Horatio. Up until the radio network's closure in 1999, the font of the television network logo's wordmark depended on the logo of the radio network's logo.


MBS Logo 1982


MBS Logo 1985


MBS logo 2016
On November 23, 2017, a new logo was introduced along with new presentation, created by Troika Design Group. A bespoke font, Elson, was designed for MBS by Fontsmith. The wordmark changed from Helvetica to Elson.

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MBS (United States)/Other

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