Lorimar Home Video


The logo:

Lorimar Home Entertainment


The Line in the Sky in 2012,While the cirrus clouds in the sky zooms in, the first logo begins with a yellow sparkling dot to draw the line to make the "Lorimar" logo from 1978 and draws an extra line on the letter A. The rectangle rolls down and zooms in while the letters do clockwise and zooms out and both transformed to be revealed the banner below the line that says "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" and a website.


 the Lorimar Home Entertainment logo in 2013... '80s style, which means the multi-colored bar, which transforms into the detail that says "LORIMAR (the 2012 version of the line of doom) HOME ENTERTAINMENT (in the "Final Frontier" font)" and the brown rectangular shape converging fades in above the detail, which turns to golden by converge transformation and parts dissolving by fading out to be revealed "LHE". Then, the parts sliced from thin to thick, which looks similar to "KLV-TV". And the website (which typed in the "Final Frontier" font) fades in below the detail.

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