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These are the dream logo variations for 20th Century Studios.


The Breakaway-Ness (1978): When the fanfare finishes, the logo explodes to the opening scene.

Tales Of A One (1983): The logo has a maroon tint.

TCF Logo Variation - Tales Of A One.png

Carolina (1986): The logo is superimposed onto a blue flannel.

On trailers, The 1955 logo is in the shade of blue.

TCF Logo Variation trailer - Carolina.png

Feels (1988): The logo was zoomed in, and it cuts to black instead of fading at the end.

TCF Logo Variation - Feels.png

The Year Before Rift (1991): The logo was seen on outer space background. Mars can be seen at the background.

His Name is Bruce (1993): The 1937 logo is used.

TCF Logo Variation - His Name is Bruce.png

Dr Dre: The Chronic Movie (1997): The 1981 logo is used, but a bit darker and the fanfare uses the same as White Men Can't Jump variant.

TCF Logo Variation - Dr Dre- The Chronic Movie.png

On trailers, the logo was placed onto a vinyl record.

On TV spots, the logo is darker.

TCF Logo Variation TV spot - Dr Dre- The Chronic Movie.png

The Rift-Raft (2003): The logo was tinted dark blue.

Rift (2013): The logo is in black and white.

2028 (2014): The logo takes place in future 2028, including more LA buildings built in the background. Plus, the Hollywood sign lights up neon.

On trailers, the structure lights up neon.

On TV spots, it's the same as the last trailer, but it's in the shade of hot-pink.

The World That Never Sleeps (2015): The 1994 logo is used, except the byline was removed.

Finest Dreams (2017): The logo is tinted in dreamy purple.

TCF Logo Variation - Finest Dreams.png

Grand Trial (2017): In the middle of animation, the sun from the background goes down to night time, lighting up the buildings.

Rift II (2018): TBA

The 1975: Online Relationships (2019): "TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME" by The 1975 was heard instead of the fanfare, which segues to the opening scene.

On trailers: It takes place in London, England instead of Los Angeles, California.

On TV spots: The logo is colored in The 1975's album "A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships" dots.

Living in Germany (2020): The 1981 logo is used, except "FOX" is replaced with "STUDIOS".

Workspace (2021): The 1953 logo is used, except "FOX" is replaced by "STUDIOS".

TCS Logo Variation - Workspace.png

Rising Hell (2021): The logo is tinted in hellish red, the fanfare is played on an ominous horn, and the logo cuts to the opening sequence when the fanfare finishes.

TCS Logo Variation - Rising Hell.png

Futurama: The Movie (2021): The structure was changed to read "30th Century Studios", and it took place in the 31st century, with more buildings and cars in the background.

Tyler The Creator: Call Me If You Get Lost (2021): Similar to Aloha variant, except the "FOX" is replaced with "STUDIOS".


'Aliens (1986): The variant logo is from the TCF logo in Slanted Zero.

Single Family Tree Lettuce (1989): The logo is shown on a sign.

Top of the Line (1991): The result variant logo is from Aliens film.

Baby's Day Out (1994): The camera is zoomed by the 1992 logo of the company and turn to the logo, and WHOOP! the 1994 logo is current of the HOME ENTERTAINMENT logo in the 20th, CENTURY and the FOX current.

Miracle of 34th Street (1994): The 1994 logo is zoomed by me of the format film.

Speed (1994): The open matte such the logo out zoomed.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995): The logo is zoomed for the format WideScreen audio with the 1994 fanfare.

Independence Day (1996): The trailer version is from the UK plays.

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997): The logo is zoomed by the camera.

Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997): The variant of the TCF logo in 1994 plays of falling down to Jordan Johnson's laughing and giggles to the 20th Century Fox fanfare logo it turns the variant music. The kids singer of this birthday episode Shadow, Part 2, it's boy taking lunch of this DiVx fanfare. The orchestra version is made by the film Anastasia and Bartok the Magnificent.

Anastasia (1997): The variant is took the WideScreen Format audio.

X-Men (2000): The variant format of the logo.

A prototype version of the 1994 logo used in these movies:

  • D.O.A (1994)
  • PinPan (1994)
  • Bon-Bon World: Proto Attacks (1993)

Planet of the Apes (2001): The logo is zoomed on WideScreen format to the VHS and take the searchlights.

Phone Booth (2002): The version fanfare in 1997, zoomed Open-Matte it was sticky.

X-Men 2 (2003): The variant format is WideScreen by me.

Cheaper by the Dozen (2003): The open matte zoomed into the camera structure in the 1994 logo.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004): The logo zoomed and pans camera for the TCF 1994 logo with stormy.

Kingdom of Heaven (2005): The background comes darker, the TCF logo in 1994 turn the WideScreen Format.

Because of Winn-Dixie (2005): Seen the variants of Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie and Cheaper by the Dozen is used.

Walk the Line (2005): The black and white logo with 1997 fanfare comes to high pitched.

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006): The format WideScreen comes falling down to the left and the searchlight pans down.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007): The 1997 fanfare pans down to blue.

The Simpsons Movie (2007): The logo comes to the 20th Century Fox 1994 logo, I came to this WideScreen Format and cracked to 0 into the format of the DVD is from The Simpsons Disc 1 and the Ralph Wiggum in the zero cracked.

Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007): The logo it comes to black and white version of the TCF logo 1994 in of Rock-an-Roll in the camera pans down to the talent.

Encuero S.O.S: Project of Volumes (2008): The variant comes Walk the Line in black and white version into the 1997 fanfare.

Talento de Barrio (2008): The song of "Mas Problemas" by Kenny Costoya in Daddy Yankee's film. The 1997 fanfare of the 20th Century Fox logo in 1994 plays swinging for kids: Gabriel Montalvo, Madisson Wiggins, Zion Callejas, Jordan Johnson and Ileana Nevarez Sophia in the bubble sticks of the camera zoomed and pans down to the open matte.

Panto Gigant (2008): The 1997 fanfare plays of the logo.

The Camera Zoom (2009): The 1994 20th Century Fox logo and zoomed the open matte, and WHOOP! to the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 2010 logo.

The A-Team 2 (2010): The Celebrating 75 Years variant logo.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010): The 2010 variant zooms.

Predators (2010): The 1994 logo is used by Encuero S.O.S; Project of Volumes, The Simpsons Movie, X-Men: The Last Stand, Cheaper by the Dozen, Because of Winn-Dixie, Talento de Barrio, Bartok the Magnificent and Walk the Line is remaked.

Prometheus (2012): The logo is zoomed by the camera pans down.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (2012): Men, that's how to this format.

Runner Runner (2013): The open matte is zooms to the format Full Screen.

Epic (2013): The 1994 logo is zooms out.

Encuero PuSh!: Clones of Fight (2014): The 2010 logo is an variant playing camera.

Rio 2 (2014): The carnival fanfare is made by me.

The Cuatro AD Records Vs. Talento de Barrio (2015): The logo zoomed out of the song "Mas Problemas" by Kenny Costoya in Daddy Yankee's film Talento de Barrio. The 1997 fanfare logo plays Schroeder's playing piano to the 20th Century Fox fanfare version of the film The Peanuts Movie is playing. Schroeder's recess of the phone.

The Peanuts Movie (2015): The logo plays Schroeder's piano of the logo is zoomed to the 2009 logo.

The Adventures of Robert Mitchell Movie (2015): The logo plays normally but Robert Mitchell, the main character of the show sings along to the second half of the Fox fanfare, It's the same as the variant of The Simpsons Movie but instead of the logo turns to black and white as the camera pans up to the moon, the logo just fades out at the end.

20th Century Fox logo from TAORMM.png

Derickalexsander (brazil)

Bluey, the movie (2016):Like Ice Age, Some have a artwork of an 20th century fox structure

An artwork of 20th century fox logo from "Bluey, the movie".

Teaser Trailer: in teaser-trailer of "Bluey, the movie", the 20th century fox logo have an problem, the FOX text Replaced "Bluey".

Marry On! (2016, PR prints): The 1994 logo is used, but the byline replaced URL says, "www.foxmovies.com".

At the UK prints and US prints, the 1994 logo is used, but the byline removed because it split in 2013 into a 21st Century Fox.

At the Russian prints, the 1981 logo is used.

At the Cuba prints, the 1935 is used, but the byline fades up at the ending fanfare, and the camera pans up at Opening Credit says, "TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX"


At the teaser trailer, the logo is normal.

At the DVD menu, the text is tinted red, but the text fades turns into the word "A WARNER BROS. PRODUCTION".

Can You Escape (2016, UK prints): A hidden searchlight orange turns into a wooden texture. Only seen on teaser trailer and TV spots.

Zach: The Movie (2016): The structure and searchlights is missing.

The Adventures of Marchy (2016): Same as X-Men variant, the "2" already fades out.

Extra-Legs (2016): The 2013 logo is messed up.

At the 1st trailer, the 1994 is used.

At the 2nd trailer, the logo is cartoon-ish.

At the 3rd trailer, the logo is colorize-ish into a United Kingdom.

At the final trailer, the logo is glitched out from a videogame.

At the teaser trailer, the 1953 logo is used.

At the 1st TV spots, the logo is tinted red again.

At the 2nd (final) TV spots, the logo is destroyed.

At the Australia/UK prints, the logo is skinning by water (ocean).

At the Russian prints, the text is missing.

At the Brazil prints, the logo is tinted light blue. Same as March (Spyglass Entertainment) variant.

Number 8's Day Out (2004): The 1981 logo is used, but the "8" stomps "0" like Pixar Animation Studios.

TCF Number 8's Day Out.jpg

The Handsome and the Lock Keys at Open (2003): The 1994 logo plays normal.

Right In! (2003): The 1994 logo is tinted golden-purple

Object Madness: The Movie (2017): The current logo plays, but Cuppy walks the "0" inside, Cuppy sings. After Cuppy stops singing, walks out to the "0" and the News Corporation byline is gone, instead of the logo turns black and white and pans up to the moon, the logo fades out to the black. It's a same variant of The Simpsons Movie.

The Tantrum Movie (2009): On the first trailer, a kid from Supernanny punches the chipmunk version seen on AATC 2.

20181105 133100.jpg

On the movie, a boy is destroying the 20th Century Fox logo.

20181105 134320.jpg

On a 2013 4:3 reprint, the 2013 logo without byline is open matte.

Mercy's Meeting The Movie (2013): On Teaser Trailer, The 1994 Logo Is Used. On the TV Spots and trailers, Mercy is on the upper right corner. On TV Spots and trailers, The logo is a cartoon just like Mercy's Meeting.

Wow Wow Wubbzy! (2022): in teaser trailers and TV spots, The 20th Century Fox logo is designed in the series' artstyle. While in the actual movie, Wubbzy jumps out of the "0" in the logo while the byline says "a News Corp company"