Code Monkeys (not the G4 show) (2015): The 20th Century Fox Television logo at the end at each Code Monkeys episode is in a style of a retro video game as Code Monkeys is set in the 1980's and it follows the adventures of the fictional video game company PlayoVision.

20th Century Fox Television logo from CM

For 20th Television, on a few local syndicated rerun episodes, the logo is the same as the 20th Century Fox Television logo for the show, but this time the structure reads 20th Television.

20th Television logo from CM


The Zach Show (2016, TV-14-FV): The text is missing.

At the TV-PG-DLSV rating, the logo is power outtage.

At the TV-MA-LV rating, the stucture is missing. Credit to ethan1986media.

Doodle Toons (2018, TV-Y7) The current logo was made in ToonBoom, Along with The 2003 Walt Disney Television logo

At the Special Episode, The 1981 logo is used, but no Television is used

At the TV-Y7-FV Rating, The logo is Recreated, Credit to Logomanseva

At the Pilot episode, The 1981 logo Plays as Usual With Television appearing Before The fanfare Ends, but When the fanfare ends, Goldie Appeared in the O and Said "Let's start the episode, will ya?" And It fades to black after She said it could start