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Postman Pat: Day Of the Glitch (1987)[]

The 1980-1988 logo with the 1984 music plays as usual, but then it gets corrupted. When the star is drawed in and we hear Postman Pat saying "TERRIBLE!!", when the logo is formed.

At the end of the video, the 1980-1988 closing logo with 1984 music plays as usual, but after the logo draws away, it turns into a parody of the PAC-MAN kill screen causing to corrupt the logo including the music. Also, the sad music at the end turns into a PS1 Fearful Harmony noise, as it gets louder and ultra louder, until it explodes causing to break the screen and then it gets interrupted by a BSOD with the Personified Fear noise and turns off like a telly.

The variant also seen on some releases. 

Postman Pat watches the WWII (1984)[]

Normal for the opening version.

At the end of the video, the 1980-1988 closing logo is silent due to a 20-second commemorative silence for the WWII victims who lost their lives on September 1, 1939. The 1999 DVD version has the usual Rainbow Smoke logo instead. The 2004 DVD version does have these logos, but the closing logo strangely has the "Day Of the Glitch" variant, due to a editing mistake. The 2007 DVD version has this, but with no commemorative silence. The STV VHS version also has this. This was all fixed on the 2009 release. 

Postman Pat meets the Scary Logos (2000)[]

Opening: The usual Rainbow smoke logo plays as usual, but then gets destroyed by The V Of Doom

Closing: Same as the opening, but reserved and with the copyright notice below.