Original TV movies

The following is a list of the 86 original TV movies produced under WBTV's management for World of Comedies and Dramas by RKO Television Studios. The TV movies are listed in by director and/or creator, and do not contain 86 extra television movies added on by RKO Network when the show was re-titled The Premiere Show.

The episodes' production codes indicate which studio produced the TV movies:

  • TCFTV = Twentieth Century Fox Television
  • PGTV = PolyGram Television International
  • UTV = Universal Television
  • TSTV = TriStar Television
  • CPT = Columbia Pictures Television
  • WBTV = Warner Bros. Television
  • MGMTV = MGM Television
  • BGE = Brillstein-Grey Entertainment
  • CWC = Carsey-Werner Company
  • TTV = Touchstone Television
  • PARTV = Paramount Television
  • VIAP = Viacom Productions
  • BBCWA = BBC Worldwide Americas
  • SPTV = Spelling Telvision
  • NWTV = New World Television
  • WDTV = Walt Disney Television
  • NLTV = New Line Television
  • MTM = MTM Enterprises
  • HBOOP = HBO Original Programming
  • PGP = Planet Grande Pictures
  • CCA = Cuppa Coffee Animation
  • HIP = HBO Independent Productions
  • CBS = CBS Productions
  • ABC = ABC Productions
  • SJCP = Stephen J. Cannell Productions
  • NBC = NBC Productions/Studios
  • BVTV = Buena Vista Television
  • SV/FWE = Skyvision Enertainment/Fireworks Entertainment
  • RE = Rysher Entertainment
  • TPW = Turner Pictures Worldwide
  • LIVE = Live Entertainment
  • LE = Lynch Entertainment
  • YTV = YTV Originals
  • B&B = Burns & Burns
  • TSP = Tom Snyder Productions
  • WBA = Warner Bros. Animation
  • UCS = Universal Cartoon Studios
  • GFC = The Geffen Film Company
  • KEG = Keller Entertainmment Group
  • BAL = Balenciaga Productions
  • CTT = Columbia TriStar Television
  • MIR-TV = Miramax Television
  • NLV = Nelvana
  • NASH = Nash Entertainment
  • MLP = Moffitt-Lee Productions
  • JBTV = Jerry Bruckheimer Television
  • ATC = Atlantis Communications
  • HBP = Hanna-Barbera Productions
  • HBC = Hanna-Barbera Cartoons
  • DSJBFTV = Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films Television
  • CP = Curious Pictures
  • JHTV = Jim Henson Television
  • JHP = Jim Henson Productions
  • NNT = Nine Network
  • HM = Hallmark Entertainment
  • BTTV = Big Ticket Television
  • FTS = Fox Television Studios
# Title Created by Original air date Production Code Summary
1 Nick Freno in the World of the Teachers Richard Gurman
Marc Warren
February 20, 1995 WBTV-101 Nick Freno manages to stop an evil green lizard's world plot to turn every human being into teachers. Pilot to Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher.
2 Everybody Loves Raymond Philip Rosenthal February 26, 1995 HIP-101 Ray Barone and Debra battle turning each other into household objects that talk, using Ray's latest invention. Pilot to the show of the same name.
3 The Winslow Show William Bickley
Michael Warren
March 5, 1995 WBTV-102 Carl Otis Winslow and Harriette Baines-Winslow works as a television producer to create its own show. Spin-off of Family Matters.
4 Mimsie: Stay Out Mary Tyler Moore
Grant Tinker
March 19, 1995 MTM-101 Mimsie the Cat, tries to keep the house cat outside for the night. Based on the mascot of the MTM Enterprises, but Mimsie is dead. The series' first computer-animated TV movie. The TV movie was made by CGI animation from Mainframe Entertainment, and its look similar of the TV series ReBoot.
5 Ally McBeal David E. Kelley March 26, 1995 TCFTV-101 Ally McBeal tries to score with John Cage by capturing Nelle Porter. Pilot to the show of the same name.
6 New Beverly Hillbillies Penelope Spheeris April 2, 1995 TCFTV-102 Jed Clampett frustrates a plan in Beverly Hills to enjoy a quiet summer day out. Sequel to the 1993 movie, The Beverly Hillbillies, which is loosely based on the TV series of the same name.
7 The Grindhouse Thriller Joyce Burditt April 9, 1995 VIAP-101 A blood crashes a MS-DOS computer so it does not disturb his sleep, and sits in the empty socket. Bob and Jay, the building's janitors/engineers, are sent to fix it. This TV movie was a re-imagining of the original Grindhouse films and its produced by Viacom Pictures.
8 Rome of the High Tech Penelope Spheeris April 16, 1995 TCFTV-103 Robert John, after venturing away from Dad's watch, is a woman's target to be cooked.
9 The Red Flea David E. Kelley June 18, 1995 TCFTV-104 A flea named Red Jom has a personal agenda with a local performer, a poodle named Thriljay, in an anachronistic Rome setting where the two constantly try to one up each other's music. Was nominated to be adapted into a series, but lost to Ally McBeal.
10 The Tortoise and the Hare Ian Pearson June 25, 1995 CBS-101 The Tortoise and his rabbit, Hare, must escape a farm whose inhabitants have abnormally-sized foreheads but small-sized brains, while finding a place to do their laundry. The series' second computer-animated TV movie.
11 Pulp Fiction II: The Heat of the Day Quentin Tarantino July 2, 1995 BVTV-101 Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace, try to find a place to stay for the night during winter in the city. Sequel to the 1994 movie Pulp Fiction. Produced by Miramax Television.
12 Dale and Jay: Short Fire Night Richard Curtis July 9, 1995 PGTV-101 Dale, a fireman, and Jay, a critic man, attempt to stop their foe, the squeaky-laughing Saver Man. The only problem is their chief needs to take his nap and demands quiet.
13 UHF: Part II Al Yankovic July 16, 1995 SV/FWE-101/RE-101 George Newman and Teri Campbell set a TV station business, expecting to earn some cash. They get a request from the President, but it getting a parody of Bill & Ted, Tango & Cash and others, and a new cartoon called Stanley Spadowski Toons. Sequel to the 1989 movie UHF.
14 A Cosby Christmas Bill Cosby July 23, 1995 CWC-101 Hilton Lucas and Pauline Fox are forced to deliver Santa's presents to the kids, as they fail to deliver one of Santa's letters. Pilot to the 1996 series Cosby.
15 That '70s Film Bonnie Turner
Terry Turner
Mark Brazill
July 30, 1995 CWC-102 Eric Forman has its uniforms stolen. Michael Kelso and Donna Pinciotti is sent to retrieve them. Pilot to the 1998 series That '70s Show.
16 Local News Masters Dean Hargrove August 6, 1995 VIAP-102 Fictional actor Rita Jay works as a TV news anchor, but does more harm than good to his patients.
17 Look Who's Talking Twice Amy Heckerling November 5, 1995 TSTV-101 James Ubriacco is forced to play with Mollie Ubriacco, in her room, after a mix-up in the schedule with his victims. Sequel to Look Who's Talking Now.
18 The Practice: No Strobes David E. Kelley November 12, 1995 TCFTV-105 Rachel Reynolds kidnaps Bobby, who must be saved from damnation of strobes by Lisa Gay Hamilton. Pilot to The Practice.
19 60% of the World Spins Rick Siggelkow January 1, 1996 BBCWA-101 A British man named Dr. Jay hitchhikes in the middle of the California desert alongside a British woman named Dr. Lisa that secretly wants to eat him. First aired on British in 1995.
20 2061: A New Odyssey Stanley Kubrick January 14, 1996 TPW-101 Dr. David Bowman that pinches his finger while sewing asks for help at the hospital, but its ruthless personnel offer only pain. Sequels to 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: The Year We Make Contact.
21 Will & Grace: One Step Beyond Max Mutchnick
David Kohan
January 21, 1996 NBC-101 Will Truman acquires a book store, and has to defend them from a fake book author, Grace Adler. However, he is unaware of a major book conspiracy. Pilot to Will & Grace.
22 For Your Love Yvette Lee Bowser January 28, 1996 WBTV-103 Malena Ellis aid Mel Ellis in becoming able love. Pilot to For Your Love.
23 The Madonna Show Madonna February 4, 1996 WBTV-104 Madonna uses his new motion picture to finally get the mother at Maverick Picture Company.
24 Waterworld II: The Legend Continues Kevin Costner
Kevin Reynolds
John Davis
February 11, 1996 UTV-101 The Mariner is fed-up with being treated as ship and goes with The Deacon on a cross-country trip to New York City and being "served" in a ship fashion. Sequel to Waterworld.
25 Jesse: The Love from Outer Space Ira Ungerleider February 18, 1996 WBTV-105 Jesse Warner tries to stop an alien love's plans to invade Earth while in his owners' house. Pilot to Jesse.
26 The Karate Kid V Jerry Weintraub February 25, 1996 CPT-101 Staff Sergeant Keisuke Miyagi must deliver a karate system to Antarctica safe and sound and before times runs up, or else, he will receive no karate system. After going through no end of danger to deliver it, he gets no karate system and goes psychotic. Sequel to The Next Karate Kid.
27 Old Yeller Jonathan Schmock March 3, 1996 WDTV-101 This is a remake of the 1957 film adaption of the book. Old Yeller tells his grandchildren about his battle against invading stories, and gets corrected by the children repeatedly.
28 Pump Up the Volume II Sandy Stern March 10, 1996 NLTV-101 Mark Hunter prevents Nora Diniro from attacking the city. Sequel to Pump Up the Volume.
29 The Witches Return Jim Henson March 17, 1996 WBTV-106 Miss Eva Ernst and Luke Eveshim sneak out of their owner's houses at midnight to set on a pirate adventure in the city. Sequel to the 1990 film adaption of the Witches.
30 The Property of a Lady Jerry Bresler October 9, 1996 CPT-102/MGMTV-101 Sir James Bond stains the hero Evelyn Tremble's reputation by impersonating him and causing mayhem. Sequel to the 1967 film Casino Royale. MGM released the DVD in 2008.
31 The Simple Life Pamela Norris October 16, 1996 TSTV-102 Sara and Luke attempt to remodel a suburban family's old-looking household into a modern-looking house, with disastrous results. Pilot to the show of the same name.
32 Tony on the Move Stephen J. Cannell October 23, 1996 ABC-101/SJCP-101 When Tony Scali sees aliens invading New York City. He alerts his family and orders several police officers to track the aliens down. Spin-off of The Commish.
33 Reservoir Dogs: Part II Quentin Tarantino October 30, 1996 LIVE-101 Mr. Brown gets a cat named Mr. Flint in order to impress a female cat lover named Ms. Sofia and threatens the cat that if there is a scratch on anything while he's away, he will send him to the crime factory. It won't be easy when Flint leaves Sofia a feline playmate named Fix that ends up wrecking everything. Sequel to Reservoir Dogs and the predecessor of Kill Bill.
34 Seven Days Christopher Crowe
Zachary Crowe
November 6, 1996 PARTV-101 Frank Bartholomew Parker is preparing to Earth, but trouble arises when the wind flips the pages from his sci-fi book. Pilot to the show of the same name
35 Girlfriends Mara Brock Akil November 13, 1996 PARTV-102 Joan Clayton and Toni believe they are going to be adopted by a roses, and flowers havoc in his mansion. Pilot to the show of the same name
36 Popular Ryan Murphy
Gina Matthews
January 1, 1997 TTV-101 When a gigantic robot invades Jacqueline Kennedy High School, Brooke and Sam must do whatever they can to save their school from certain destruction. Pilot to the show of the same name.
37 Futurama: Life in the 30th Century Matt Groening
David S. Cohen
January 8, 1997 TCFTV-106 Philip J. Fry tries to destroy aliens with Leela. Pilot to Futurama.
38 The Jonathan Hart Show Sidney Sheldon January 15, 1997 SPTV-101 When Jonathan Hart accidently turns Max into a dog by feeding him a morphing potion instead of milk, he must take care of Max by sending him to The Dog-to-Human Hospital, a place where people transform humans from their dog status back to their human status using technology. Spin-off of Hart to Hart.
39 Sunday the 15th Julie Corman January 22, 1997 NWTV-101 Waldemar travels to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, Jamaica, and South Africa to scare families in their households. Sequel to Saturday the 14th.
40 Ani-Home Alone John Hughes January 29, 1997 TCFTV-107 A selection showcase of 40 Japanese anime shorts based on Home Alone franchise.
41 Pink Flamingos Animated John Waters February 5, 1997 HBP-101/HBC-101/NLTV-102 After occuring the events of Pink Flamingos, Divine had no more nudity at all, but the guns try to barrell the pink flamingos, but he laps his eyes to enter the world system. This was made before the 25th anniversary re-release on April 11, 1997 and a cartoon version of Pink Flamingos.
42 Crashbox Adam Shaheen February 12, 1997 PGP-101/CCA-101/HBOOP-101 This television movie aims to educate grade-school children in history, math, vocabulary, and other various subjects and takes place in the insides of a game computer where green game cartridges (which are sculpted out of clay) are created and loaded by rusty robots. This television movie consists of twenty-eight 2-to-5-minute educational games. Near the end, the robots do "Crashbox Rewind" where they review most of the games to the viewers. Pilot to the show of the same name.
43 Love Boat: The Next Wave Aaron Spelling February 19, 1997 SPTV-102 A captain named Captain Jim Kennedy III, a chief named Chief Purser Will Sanders and a ship doctor named Ship's Doctor John Morgan try to enter the all-star Boat Shop and fit their accommodations. Spin-off to The Love Boat and the pilot to the show of the same name.
44 Home Movies Loren Bouchard
Brendon Small
February 26, 1997 B&B-101/TSP-101 Brendon Small and Coach John McGuirk are humans from Earth. They are sent to the house to get a package from a TV set. Unfortunately, the package is stolen by a home movie. Pilot to the show of the same name.
45 Mimsie: The Great Escape Mary Tyler Moore
Grant Tinker
March 5, 1997 MTM-102 Mimsie takes care of a baby dog, and tries to prevent him for growing more. Based on the mascot of the MTM Enterprises, but Mimsie is dead. The series' third computer-animated TV movie. The TV movie was made by CGI animation from Mainframe Entertainment, and its look similar of the TV series ReBoot.
46 Caitlin's Way Paul Belous March 12, 1997 LE-101/YTV-101 When Caitlin is given the option of going to a youth detention center or living with her mother's cousin in Montana. She chooses to live with Dori, Jim, and Griffen on their ranch and experiences a culture shock. Pilot to the show of the same name.
47 Skippy & Slappy Tom Ruegger
Steven Spielberg
March 19, 1997 WBA-101 Skippy is an alienated loser, until she meets Slappy, a trumpeter cockroach. Spin-off to Animaniacs.
48 Woody Woodpecker: Soda Wars Billy West March 26, 1997 UCS-101 Woody Woodpecker creates his own soft drink, but when his soft drink becomes an instant success, Wally Walrus gets angered and creates his own soft drink, and the two of them go into a really big competition. Pilot to The New Woody Woodpecker Show.
49 Becker David Hackel April 2, 1997 PARTV-103 Dr. John Becker manages to do a neighborhood medical practice by giving sick people healthy juice and some crackers. Pilot to the show of the same name.
50 Rita and Runt Tom Ruegger
Steven Spielberg
April 9, 1997 WBA-102 Rita is a peaceful and forgiving cat until Runt steps on him repeatedly. As a result, the cat becomes paranoid and angered at the human race, seeking revenge. Spin-off to Animaniacs.
51 Deadly Blessing II Patricia Herskovic
Max A. Keller
Micheline H. Keller
April 16, 1997 PGTV-102/KEG-101/BAL-101 Occuring after the events of Deadly Blessing, some people killed guns as far as well, William Gluntz runs on water. Sequel to Deadly Blessing.
52 Dawson's Creek Kevin Williamson April 23, 1997 CTT-101 Dawson and Jen is compromised by a creek intrusion. Meanwhile, Jen's mother aids a creek after being unable to meet with her son. Pilot to the show of the same name.
53 Charmed Constance M. Burge April 30, 1997 SPTV-103 Prue Halliwell finds a job as a woman, but winds up working for an obnoxious rose. He also must remember that if Phoebe Halliwell stop finding teachers. Pilot to the show of the same name.
54 Snoops David E. Kelley May 7, 1997 TCFTV-108 Glenn Hall takes shelter from the cold in a store, much to the dismay of a woman Dana Plant who will stop at nothing to make him leave. Pilot to the show of the same name.
55 Malcolm in the Middle Linwood Boomer May 14, 1997 FTS-101 Malcolm, a fan guy whos can imitate pop culture, finds a new home at a parody music guy Dewey (Who drives his song crazy). Pilot to the show of the same name.
56 The New Tales from the Crypt: The Evil Witch and the Three Bears William Gaines May 21, 1997 HBOOP-102/WBTV-107/GFC-101/NLV-101 The Evil Witch (pretending to be Goldilocks until she enters the bears' house) slaughters Mama Bear and Papa Bear, leaving Baby Bear convicted of the murders. Spin-off of Tales from the Crypt.
57 The Untold History of The Tiny Toon Adventures Tom Ruegger
Bill Lee
John Moffitt
May 28, 1997 MLP-101/NASH-101/WBTV-108 The untold story about the history of the Tiny Toon Adventures.
58 Wasteland Kevin Williamson June 4, 1997 MIR-TV-101 Jesse Presser is left stranded in an island filled with beautiful tall man, and their bodyguard woman. Pilot to the show of the same name.
59 Charlie's Angels: The First Way Ivan Goff
Ben Roberts
June 11, 1997 SPTV-104 Jill Munroe and Tiffany Welles must watch John Bosley's disease laboratory while he's away. Spin-off to Charlie's Angels, about 3 years before the film release. In 1999, Sony sued Spelling Entertainment Group against the Charlie's Angels and Hart to Hart spin-off. Nominated for Emmy.
60 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Ann Donahue
Anthony E. Zuiker
June 18, 1997 DSJBFTV-101/ATC-101/CBS-102 Gil Grissom turns that he has been put into a human public crime that he must now attend. Pilot to the show of the same name. Nominated for Golden Globe.
61 A Little Curious Steve Oakes June 25, 1997 HBOOP-103/CP-101 Bob the Ball tells you about a new adventures and his friends: Doris the Door, Little Cup, Mr. String, Mop, Pad and Pencil, Plush and the Shoe Family. Pilot to the show of the same name.
62 Farscape Brian Henson
Rockne S. O'Bannon
July 2, 1997 JHP-001/NNT-101/HM-101 John Crichton and Aeryn Sun leaves Mars in pursuit of a sad life in the Earth. Pilot to the show of the same name.
63 Felicity J.J. Abrams
Matt Reeves
July 9, 1997 TTV-102 The long-retired Felicity must return to action when the Teacher of High cancels his pension. Upon returning to duty, he discovers that the organization has lost sight of what it means to be a teacher and has become more concerned with political correctness and marketing deals than saving the world from Julie's laboratory. Pilot to the show of the same name.
64 40 Short Films About Walt Disney Walt Disney July 16, 1997 WDTV-102/MLP-102 Narrated by Billy Crystal, this television movie contains forty short films focusing on Walt Disney. The title is a play of the film Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould.
65 Boston Public David E. Kelley July 23, 1997 TCFTV-109 It's Steven Harper's first day of school, a significant historical event considered by her mother to be one of many "milestone days" which must be documented with a photo. She manages to make it onto the school bus without being photographed, but her "kids" family grabs the camera and jumps on the family multi-seater bus for a mortifying chase to run up with her. Pilot to the show of the same name.
66 Hype Scott King
Lanier Laney
Terry Sweeney
July 30, 1997 WBTV-109 Like MADtv, it parodies the Oscars, the Emmys and the 1960s Golden Globe Awards, plus parodies to Animaniacs, Pinky and The Brain, What-A-Cartoon! Show, James Bond movies, and ohers. Pilot to the show of the same name.
67 The Fugitive Adventures Roy Huggins August 6, 1997 WBTV-110 The adventures of The Fugitive continues with Tim Daly played as Kimble. Pilot to the 2000 remake of The Fugitive and the remake of the 1962-1967 series The Fugitive.
68 Ed Jon Beckerman
Rob Burnett
David Letterman
August 13, 1997 NBC-102/VIAP-103 Ed Stevens is fired from High School Los Angeles and move it to New York, but it failed. Pilot to the show of the same name.
69 The New Adventures of Daphne Moon David Lee
Peter Casey
David Angell
August 20, 1997 PARTV-104 Daphne Moon fails to convice a teenager to seeing the high school land to fail the adventure. Spin-off to Fraiser.
70 Gilmore Girls Amy Sherman-Palladino
Daniel Palladino
August 27, 1997 WBTV-111 The Gilmore Girls fail to convice Middle School and went to High School, but failed to seeing the adventure. Pilot to the show of the same name.
71 The Oscar II Harlan Ellison September 3, 1997 PARTV-105 The crew gots fixed by the team with the Academy Award winners and nominees. Sequel to The Oscar (1966).
72 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Dick Wolf September 10, 1997 UTV-102 Olivia Benson tried to fail up with Donald Cragen, but don't feel the heat with Elliot Stabler. Spin-off to Law & Order and pilot to the show of the same name. Nominated for Golden Globe (Best Actress).
73 The West Wing Aaron Sorkin September 17, 1997 WBTV-112 In 1974, Josiah Bartlet adventured with the flag to sue MGM v. Dimension Pictures. Pilot to the show of the same name.
74 The Parkers Vida Spears
Ralph Farquhar
Sara V. Finney
September 24, 1997 BTTV-101 Kim and Nikki wrote a movie story about the 1940s cinema theater. Spin-off to Moesha and pilot to the show of the name.
75 Nikki White Presents Bruce Helford October 1, 1997 WBTV-113 Nikki White tried to fail a sitcom beating Mary and Thor talk show for 19%. Pilot to Nikki, a pun of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and inspired by The Flintstones episode "Alvin Brickrock Presents".
76 Guys Like Us Dan Schneider October 8, 1997 CTT-102 Sean Barker tried to fail a shield with Kim. Pilot to the show of the same name and inspired by The Flintstones episode "Dino Disappears".
77 The Hughleys D. L. Hughley
Matt Wickline
October 15, 1997 FTS-102 The Hughleys tried to fail with beating 99% with The Jetsons. Pilot to the show of the same name and inspired by the Yogi Bear short "Major Operation".
78 Two Guys and a Girl and a Pizza Palace Danny Jacobson October 22, 1997 TCFTV-110 To fail a patrol, Michael Eugene Leslie Bergen saves the world of crime with Melissa, but failed. Sneak peek to the series aired on March 10, 1998 and pilot to the show of the same name (later retooled as simply Two Guys and a Girl by S3 and S4).
79 Roswell Jonathon Dukes
Jason Katims
October 29, 1997 TCFTV-111 To attack the alien's conspiracy, Liz Parker tried to fail with UFOs. Pilot to the show of the same name.
80 Baby Looney Tunes Jean MacCurdy November 5, 1997 WBA-103 Baby Bugs tried to fail Baby Wile E. & Road Runner, but cut off and Baby Marvin attacks the UFO. Pilot to the show of the same name and inspired by The Flintstones Kids special The Flintstone Kids' "Just Say No" Special.
81 The Friday Flintstone William Hanna November 12, 1997 HBP-101/HBC-102 Fred and Barney drive his song car. Spin-off to The Flintstones. It was later aired on Cartoon Network in 1998 on TV Guide Movie Theater.
82 One on One Eunetta T. Boone November 19, 1997 PARTV-106 Mark "Flex" Washington fail his green energy in favor of its own sports network. Pilot to the show of the same name.
83 The Guardian David Hollander November 26, 1997 CBS-102/CTT-102 A fake news broadcaster Nicholas "Nick" Fallin tried to fail his temperature. Pilot to the show of the same name.
84 Acording to Jim Tracy Newman
Jonathan Stark
December 3, 1997 TTV-103/BGE-101 A fictional newspaper called The Jim Magazine handles a news strip with Cheryl. Pilot to the show of the same name.
85 DAG Jack Burditt
Eileen Conn
Andrew Gordon
December 10, 1997 NBC-103 Secret Service Agent Jerome "Dag" Daggett is failed with a Santa Magazine with President Whitman. Pilot to the show of the same name.
86 Grounded for Life Bill Martin
Mike Schiff
December 17, 1997 CWC-103 Final original Premiere Show TV movie. Sean Finnerty tried to fail with convictions with a new Santa gift and a book. Pilot to the show of the same name.

The Premiere Show TV movies

TV movies produced between 1999 and 2000 were entered in "The Biggest Choose", a contest to choose the newest Premiere Show.

Same production code as listed before.

New production codes listed:

  • IWP = Ivory Way Productions
  • DWTV = DreamWorks Television
  • BSS = Blue Sky Studios
  • OI = Oddworld Inhabitants
  • SW = Sony Wonder
  • CTW = Children's Television Workshop
  • CINAR = CINAR Corporation
# Title Created by Original air date Production Code Summary
1 Popular: No Z in the Oom Ryan Murphy
Gina Matthews
November 6, 1998 TTV-201 First Premiere Show TV movie. When Brooke extend the adult swimtime to extreme lengths at the neighborhood weight, Sam plan to strike back with Jacqueline Kennedy High School. Pilot to Popular.
2 Woody Woodpecker Cartoon Fridays Billy West November 13, 1998 UCS-201 The Woody Woodpecker had a classic cartoons (mostly from Walter Lantz's library) and new cartoons, including a list of cartoons in order:
  1. Andy Panda: 45 short films, including Knock Knock (1940).
  2. Chilly Willy: 50 shorts, including I'm Cold (1954)
  3. Homer Pigeon: 3 cartoons
  4. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: 40 cartoons
  5. Swing Symphony: 14 cartoons
  6. Woody Woodpecker: 49 cartoons
  7. New Woody Woodpecker: 10 cartoons

Pilot to The New Woody Woodpecker Show.

3 My Wife and Kids Don Reo
Damon Wayans
November 20, 1998 IWP-201/TTV-202 This TV movie follows the journey of a TV commercial guy and his rag-tailed bed of friends as they travel to the house to reunite Michael Richard Kyle, Sr. with his Junior fiancée. Pilot to the show of the same name.
4 Malcolm in the Middle: The Fan Guy Returns Linwood Boomer November 27, 1998 FTS-201 Malcolm, the fan guy and Dewey returns with a new family called Lois, Hal and Francis. Pilot to Malcolm in the Middle. Nominated for the Kids' Choice Awards.
5 Oddworld: The Animated Movie Sherry McKenna (based on characters created by)
Lorne Lanning (based on characters created by)
Chris Wedge
Carl Ludwig
Carlos Saldanha
Dr. Eugene Troubetzkoy
Alison Brown
David Brown
Michael Ferraro
December 4, 1998 OI-201/BSS-201/FTS-202 Based on the Oddworld video game series, Abe travels around the world to across nationwide USA and the UK. It flied across the Exodus.