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The original series on the CER2 Junior channel are:

  • Kaylor's Time Machine (starring Fluff the Caterpillar, Cole the Penguin, and Seily the flying Bird)
  • The Softies (puppet series filmed at the old Aunt Kim's house in Jacksonville)
  • Not Just the News (behind the scenes-type puppet preschool drama/comedy series filmed at the studios and offices of the various TV stations in Arkansas; produced by Novel Entertainment)
  • Kaylor's Room (based on Kaylor's Time Machine)
  • The Playground (filmed at Westbrook Elementary School in Haskell)
  • Fimbles Around Town (co-produced by CER2 Junior and BBC America)
  • Johnson and Friends Reloaded (co-produced by Screen Australia and CER2 Junior)
  • The New Squeak (co-produced by CER2 Junior and ITV Studios America)
  • Saline County Little COPS (reality-type puppet drama series co-produced by Langley Productions and CER Two Originals)
  • Maximum Feral TV (produced by Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • The Arcadeteers (Video Game-related puppet preschool series filmed at Funtrackers in Hot Springs; co-produced by KCER-TV and Nelvana)
  • Pom in the City (filmed in Hot Springs and Little Rock; co-produced by HBO and Novel Entertainment)
  • Wuz Up! (puppet preschool quiz show filmed at Caldwell Elementary School in Benton)
  • CER2 Junior's Sing-Along Songs (co-produced by Disney Junior Originals and HiT Entertainment)
  • CER2 Junior's Gameshow Fever (Gameshow-related puppets/hosts/actors series filmed and edited in New York and Los Angeles; co-produced by DHX Media and FremantleMedia)
  • See It! (behind the scenes-type preschool puppet series filmed at the AETN studios, offices, and control room in Conway; co-produced by BBC America and CCI Entertainment)
  • Kaylor and the Neurons (local version of Nina and the Neurons)
  • Numberjacks: The Adventures of Arkansas (local version of Numberjacks featuring local actors from across Saline County and central Arkansas)