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Industries Agent 1982

In 1986, Movie Agent and Game Agent created an electronics and toys division, called Industries Agent, which started making toys, TV sets, VCRs, DVD players, radios, Blu-Ray players, laptops, CD players and more. In June 2016, The Media Agency (the parent company of Industries Agent) was acquired by Laserium Holdings.

In 2018, Industries Agent merged into Libum Electronics, an ODIMG Technologies division.



Nysoni's earliest activity dates back to 1961 with a development project on what would eventually become the Zeta.


Nysoni's recognizable logo was first created in late 1971. Not much was known about who exactly created it, but it was used on the Zeta (1977), Zeta 2 (1983) and Zeta Office (1986)



In 1986,the familiar 8-ball logo was introduced. It was used on various Nysoni products released during the time. It was known to be slightly disturbing during a Zeta III startup, in which the screen would turn white suddenly and the music would not start until usually 20 seconds later, and then the logo would form itself through CGI type animation to a synth sound and bongos.


Eventually, the praised retro 'Expedition' font was created. It was created when the Zeta Lumi Portable launched in November 1995. Nysoni immediately stopped their 'computer fan' design and went on to a more "rounded" look. Software such as Nysoni Business and Nysoni Video Viewer didn't receive the new logo until early 1996. Between 1995 and 2006, Nysoni launched the Super Zeta line, which came in 5 different types between the 11 year period in which this branding was used.


On October 30, 2006, the latest and current look for Nysoni was launched starting with the release of 'Epsilon 7'. Eventual products would start to get the new look from November 2006, such as Nysoni Player, Nysoni Messenger and Nysoni Hawkeye. All products made today are currently using this logo, although there are several variations for each service.

In June 2016, shortly after the release of Epsilon 8, Laserium Holdings acquired Nysoni.

GBC Digital


GBC Technology


After acquiring the catalogue, patents and console planning and development teams of the former CBJ Games and DBC Games (while the video game-related assets were acquired by Polar Night and Laserium, respectively), GBC Holdings rebranded GBC Digital as GBC Technology, a new smartphone, smartwatch, game console, pheripheral and, over all, "innovation-based" division in charge of GBC's new line of consoles, name yet to be announced. The team working on digital technology formerly under GBC Digital now focuses on assisting in development of operating systems and development tools, like they always did since the beginning.

Their new line of gaming consoles were "hybrid", both portable and home consoles, planning to be rivaling another such console, Nintendo Switch. The console soon was released as Mars.

Computer Corporation Group


CCG early logo


Current CCG



CCG 2013

CCG no longer uses the name "Computer Corporation Group", it's shortened to "CCG".



The new logo was unveiled in June 2014 in its "35th anniversary" celebration event. In 2016, after Libum Labs was bought by Laserium Holdings, CCG was bought by Talestar Investments.

In 2018, CCG was merged into Libum Electronics.

ODIMG Technologies


Libum Electronics


Libum Eletronics

On January 30, 2019, their parent company ODIMG Technologies filed for bankruptcy. Their assets were shortly afterwards bought by Libum Electronics. The Kano team also merged into Libum Electronics the same day.

In July 2019, Libum Electronics sold certain assets to Nimbus Electronics Limited, most of them related to display, mobile and mixed reality technologies, along with numerous patents and most of the consumer electronics business.


Libum new
VTE Qualis Holdings
Qualis 2019

Qualis Holdings Inc.

Other assets:
Salovaara & Kukkonen Group | Qualis Radio (New York/Chicago) | Qualis Entertainment | Qualis Music Group (List of labels)

Acquisitions pending:
Viva, Inc | Williams Grand Prix Engineering | Bonduego Films

Former assets:
Qualis Family Entertainment, Old Dominion Interactive Media Group, Oak Acres Entertainment, Octagon Cable Entertainment and Dreamcatcher Entertainment | Luckykids Middle East | Ultra Productions | Ultra Kids U! | Q2 Entertainment | BadHat Games

Past consoles and computers:
Nitrome Pong Console | Nitrome II | Nitrome Text to Speech TV Fun | Nitrome Enjoyment System | Nitrome 32 (Nitrome 32 CD | Nitrome 64-i) | Nitrome Unity | Nitrome Unity 128 | Nitrome Unity 256 | Nitrome Unity 512 | Nitrome Unity 1024 | New Playing Engine | CCG Engine 2 | CCG Engine 3 | CCG Engine 4 | CDX | CCG Core | CCG PC One | Eagle Hybird Entertainment System | Eagle Visual Computer | Eagle PCDVD | Z2000 | DBC 3D World | DBC Adventure | DBC Super | DBC TeleGame | DBC Toy TV | DBC Vision | Nitrome Handtrome | Nitrome 32 Portible | Nitrome Handtrome Unity | Nitrome Handtrome Unity 2 | Nitrome Handtrome Unity 3 | CCG Nano | CCG Nano Colors | Stereo Pocket | CCG Alpha | CCG Spire | Nitrome Handtrome Unity 4 | Nitrome Unity 2048 | Laserium Durango | CCG Nano Silm | Ben's Period (brand and group of consoles) | Eagle 4 | Mars

Affiliated companies:
Legacy Pictures | Ultra Limited | Quest. | Nimbus Electronics

Shareholders and controllers: Ootwar
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