Sport by SM&E




Races was a racing-focused sports brand with international channels, formerly owned by Apple Entertainment, before they got acquired by Laserium Holdings. This was run alongside FootballNet.


CIC Sports




CIC Sports Racing

CIC Soccer Plus

CIC College Sports

CIC Sports Latin America


It operated CIC Sports, CIC Sports 2 and CIC Sports 3 in Latin America as a whole, with exclusive CIC Sports channels in Chile, Argentina and Peru.

The CW Sports India


They operated The CW Sports 1's Hindi and Tamil channels, as well as their HD counterparts.

CIC Deportes


Meridiano TV International


It was launched in co-operation between Meridiano Television (Venezuela) and Old Dominion Media in 2014.

The CW Sports Select


They operated The CW Sports Select 1 and 2, with their HD counterparts, in Middle East.

The CW Sports Greater China

Lumix Sports

Shooting Star Sports

Octagon Sports


Octagon eSports


Lava Sports (International)


Lava Sports

Sport by SM&E became Lava Sports International in 2018. On January 30, 2019, Lava Sports acquired CIC Sports, CIC Soccer Plus, CIC Sports Racing, CIC Deportes, The CW Sports India, Teledeportes, Meridiano TV International, Octagon Sports/eSports, The CW Sports Select, The CW Sports Greater China, Lumix Sports, Shooting Star Sports, CSN, Races/FootballNet and CIC Sports Latin America.

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