for the Ultra Limited's News channel, see Ultra News (TV channel).

Ultra News is the flagship news programme of Ultra TV.

Ultra Nightly News

October-December 1997

Ultra news 1997

Ultra News was launched in 1997 as Ultra Nightly News.

Ultra News (first era)


Ultra news 97-98

Sometime later, it was renamed Ultra News. Also, by December 1997, Ultra launched a news channel with the same name.


Ultra news 1998

The Ultra News Trapezoid's first incarnation.


Ultra news '99
The Trapezoid's second (and final) incarnation.


Ultra news 2001

Ultra News in Multilingual

  • Journal da Ultra (Brazil, Portugal and some parts of Africa)
  • Ultra Balita (Philippines)
  • Telegiornale Ultra (Italy)
  • Noticias Ultra (Spain, Agentina, and most parts of Latin America)
  • Ultra Nyheter (Norway)
  • Ultra Aktuellt (Sweden)
  • Ultra Berita (Indonesia, Malayasia)
  • Ultra Nyheder (Dermark)
  • Ultra新聞 (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong)
  • Ultra Novinky (Czech)
  • Ultra-Aktuelles (Germany)
  • Nuacht Ultra (Ireland)
  • 울트라 뉴스 (Korea)
  • ウルトラニュース (Japan)
  • Dziennik Ultra (Poland)

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Ultra Limited 2019

Most assets, as of March 2019, were sold to Qualis, which resulted in the re-founding of Ultra Limited with the remaining assets. (1)

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