FMC Networks


FMC Networks was establish to hold all FMC and music-related broadcasting assets owned by Qualis.

Old Dominion Media News & Sports Division

The News Network Group

Qualis Alternative Productions

Luna Productions


Luna Productions was the film and television production arm of Quito Inc, which was acquired by Qualis in 2019. Luna Productions was merged into Lava Entertainment in January 2019.

Qualis Productions UK


In June 2018, Qualis Entertainment opened a new division in the UK, called Qualis Productions UK. It had separate departments for Entertainment, Scripted and Learning. For most of the departments, they each integrated a part of the former SM&E News Productions. The Entertainment production department also included the former departments: Events, Current Affairs, Religion & Ethics, Arts, Daytime & Early Peak, Music, History & Business and Topical & Live.

Lava Entertainment


Lava Entertainment 2020
In January 2019, Qualis established a new division for its sports, music and news assets, which was then sold to Quest, who made Lava into a division. They're headquartered in New York City, with offices in London and Houston.

In January 2020, Lava Entertainment became part of CPN Media Group.

2019 (unused), September 2020-present (official)

Lava Entertainment 2019

on September 2020, after CPN Holdings's sale of all of Lava Entertainment assets (except for Lava News assets (which will go directly to RTC News) and Rougetown assets (which will go directly to Nextreme Entertainment)) to FBN Holdings, Lava Entertainment finally changes its logo with originally unused logo.

VTE FBN Holdings
Cable television channels: Stars

VTE FBN Corporation
Broadcast television networks: FBN | Sorbet TV | Bata | Asianmatic TV 1 | FBN Arena

Cable television network: Glitch Channel2 | The Studios | Groovy 107.9 TV | WorldTerebi | The Meme Channel | TV Bay (88%)

Television stations: DZJP-TV and DWQO-TV Manila

Radio stations: FBN Radyo Ito 682 and Groovy 107.9 Manila | YOM To the Max! 106.8 Cebu

Pay TV operators: Astral Satellite TV | FBN Digizer | StreamV

FBN Gau ltd.

Channel 36: 36Two | 36Kids | 36News | 36Sports | 36lounge | 36 Philippines | 36Tarabiscoville | 36World | 36Nordic


AMC Networks International Stevia (5%)

ETS | Arte | ABC Spark Stevia | YTV Stevia | Teletoon Stevia | Treehouse | Panda Stevia | Disney Channel Stevia | tvN Stevia | Teletoon Max | CBS Reality Stevia | Horror Channel Stevia | ETS News: FY 1 | Comedy Central Stevia | MTV Stevia | MTV2 (Stevia) | Nickelodeon Stevia | Nick Jr. Stevia | Nicktoons Stevia | Cartoon Network Stevia | Boomerang Stevia

Others: America Direct (10%) | FBN Games

Defunct: Toon Disney (Philippines) | The Zwei

1Co-owned with Fujisenkai, GBC Gau, Netflix and Media Prima.
2Co-owned with Glitch Productions

CPN Holdings, FBN Holdings and Sega Sammy Holdings (through Sega Holdings) owns each 25% stake, Aberic Holdings owns 5% stake and TMK Corporation (through Quest) and Qube Communications owns 10% stake each of FBN Corporation

VTE Lava Entertainment
Lava Entertainment 2019

Lava Entertainment

20191023 134624
Lava Music RelaxLava Music PulseLava Music Now
International: UK & IrelandFranceItalyArabiaLatin AmericaPiramcaAlexonia

20191023 134651
Channels: Lava Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5NitroDeporteseSportsClassics
International channels (List): Latin AmericaJapanPiramca • India (12)FloweriaAustraliaAlexonia
Other assets: Lava Sports Games (WestUK)Lava Sports RadioLava Sports Regional Networks (Lava Sports College)


Defunct: Anime Party

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