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Latikuu Edacra Group is an El Kadsreian multinational entertainment-focused holding company formed in 2001 from a corporate merger of then-rival video game companies Latikuu and Edacra. It specializes in toys, video games, arcades, animation, amusement parks, computer technologies, digital camera technologies, clothing, and food & drink products.



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Latikuu | L•K Toys | Caldatite | EducationFun! | Starfalls
Latikuu hardware:
Lativision | Lativision II | Latikuu Hi-Tech Bugo | Latikuu Imagineer | Latikuu Keydisc

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Edacra | Studio E3 | Team 95 | Edacra Studio Mahri | Edacra Studio Monterrey | Edacra Studio Boston | Edacra Studio Italy | Edacra Studio San Francisco | Edacra Studio India

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EKToy | EKToy Games | Bingo Board Games | Adventura Media

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Egusa Inc. | Czechowicz | Radiophonics | EKSC

Other Assets:
Rainbow Treats | Bakula Mills | Kilinshin Entertainment | Nelson Inc. | Clique Toys

Latikuu Holdings, LLC | Edacra Entertainment | Kilinshin Television

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