Laserium Sega Experiences is a joint venture between Qualis Holdings and Sega. They're headquartered in New York City.

As of August 2019 (and since July 2019), they have offices in London, Hong Kong, Paris, Johannesburg, San Francisco, Tokyo and Alexonia City; in addition to an animation studio in Houston, a VR development studio in Sao Paulo, and a R&D facility in Osaka.

Qualis Family Entertainment


Qualis Family Entertainment was established in January 2019, with offices in Beijing, Toronto, Paris, Johannesburg, Sydney, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Montreal, Warsaw, London and Mexico City.

Old Dominion Interactive Media Group


ODIMG, Oak Acres Entertainment, Dreamcatcher EntertainmentOctagon Cable Entertainment, RDTV's Online, Home Entertainment, Games and Distribution arms and Qualis Family Entertainment were merged into Laserium Sega Experiences.

Laserium Game Studios London


In July 2019, Laserium Game Studios London was merged with QFE/OAE's London offices to form Laserium Sega Experiences London.

RDTV Online

RDTV Home Entertainment

RDTV Distribution

Rocknamic House


RDTV Games


Laserium Sega Experiences


Laserium Sega
In January 2019, Qualis and Sega established a joint venture for amusement and experience day related assets. They have since expanded into digital entertainment, consumer products, licensing, family entertainment, advertising, video game development, animation, and film and television production.

In August 2019, they sold all media production offices except for those in Köfa, Random City, Piramca City and Hong Kong, to Quest International Productions. They also moved all staff and operations from offices in Brisbane, Beijing, and Sydney, and a media production office in Randomia City, to the Hong Kong office; from offices in Warsaw, Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester, a media production office in Köfa (Fuei), and the VR development studios in Vienna, Milan and Berlin, to the London and Paris offices; and also from offices in Mexico City, Toronto, Montreal and Atlanta, and a media production office in Piramca City, to the New York City office.

In September 2019, they sold all experience day and amusement related operations, with XPZone, to Quest. They still own and operate Laserium Park Los Angeles.

VTE Qualis Holdings
Qualis 2019

Qualis Holdings Inc.

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Other holdings: Quest Media (30%)

Acquisitions pending: Bonduego Films

1 The adult animation/comedy-focused brand will be born from merger between the Toonvision and Nostalgic channels, and run under the Jetix International umbrella.
2 International channels under the Screen brand are owned by Quest Media under license from Laserium Networks, while the streaming service is owned by Zoop Digital Entertainment.

Affiliated companies:
Legacy Pictures | Ultra Limited | Quest. | Nimbus Electronics

Shareholders and controllers: Ootwar
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