Laserium Networks is an American entertainment company founded in 1996 as Lava Lamp Entertainment. It is a division of CPN Holdings.

Lava Lamp Entertainment



Old Dominion Media


Old Dominion Media

Lava Lamp Entertainment renamed themselves Old Dominion Media on August 25, 2017. In December 2017, Bachmann Holdings, GBC Holdings, MalaWorks and Laserium Holdings merged into Old Dominion.

The venture capital/investment divisions of Dreamcatcher Entertainment and MalaWorks were shortly after acquired.

In 2018, Brittany Kurosaka became the new CEO of Old Dominion Media, while Will Apple, Kelly & Zig Miles and Karin Wilson became new chairmen and joined the board of the holding company. They also bought stakes owned by other members of their families and trustees.

On November 3, 2018, the Banne and Taylor families became part of the Apple-Wilson family after Jim Banne and Rose Taylor, also married, became godparents to Will and Karin's daughter Luna Katherine Wilson. As of result, stakes owned by the Banne and Taylor estates, families and trustees were transferred to Will Apple and Karin Wilson. Around the same month, Kelly & Zig Miles sold their stakes in the company to Karin Wilson.

Laserium Networks


Laserium 2020
In July 2019, Old Dominion Media was reformed as Laserium Networks, which will become Kurosaka's media business. The Wilson/Apple duo will move on to lead Lava Entertainment, while LN had Qualis Entertainment integrated into themselves as divisions.

Toonvision International LLC, Worldkids International and Toonvision EMEA LP (former owners of the Toonvision and Worldkids international channels) were also merged into Laserium Networks, meaning that Laserium has full ownership of Jetix.

VTE TMK Corporation
TMK 2019

Television channels:
TMK Channel (North) | STR | Kanal U | TV-16 | Lava News Russia & CIS1 | CN1 | RTC1 (Russia, Caucasus, Middle Lands) | 36Russia1 | Jetix Russia1

Asian division:
TMK Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan | TMK Korea | TMK Japan | TMK Thailand | TMK India | TMK Philippines | TMK Indonesia | TMK East Timor | TMK-ANS | TMKProd Asia

VTE Quest
Ene: Ene News

Alexonian Digital Broadcasting3: Galaxy/GKlubGalaxy XtraThe Movie Channel (Plus)Cricket CentralThe Action ChannelRDTV ClassicThe Comedy ChannelLocomotion (Alexonia)

Chronostorm: ToonsatVyond NetworkChronoteve (Croeya)Chronostorm GamesChronostorm Studios

Channels run by Quest International Television under license:
Laserium Networks: Screen International (El KadsrePhilippinesEastern Europe, Liechenstein, Albania and Adria)

ZME Records:
USA: Maverick Records
Asia: TBA

Eternity Records:
Australia: TBA

Other labels:
LarecoZME GorillaHi Records4

Assets bought from RKO: RKO Pictures InternationalWKDA AmericaRKO RailwaysNational Shore Studios (majority stake)Pink Park (50%)RKO WorldJapanese Harvest FilmsRKO Pay-Per-ViewSpicy PicturesSpicy AnimationSpicy Home Entertainment

Quest Technology:

AF Quest (The AF Store)NewSystem Inc (NewSystemNewPlayerXfireAlpha ZoneAir)CamataryBOKO

Online digital content (Zoop Digital Entertainment):
Zoop.comCartoon Group ( (POL Desktop)Screen.com1SVT Play (50%)RTCeeLysn

Quest Cloud Services2:
Services: QCS Workplace (QDriveMore coming soon)QCS Simple HostingQCS Docker RegistryQCS Bare MetalAniSpark LLCQpay
Subsidiaries: QCS ChinaQCS Abu DhabiQCS Ads (QCS Analytics)

Quest International Ventures:

Financial Services (Quest Bank)
Quest Bank (Schelipoerys)Kadsre Bank Group (Checkmasters (AlolaFloweria))People's National Bank Group (People's National BankAtlantic InsuranceAtlantic Home InsuranceAtlantic Auto Insurance)

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals (Quest Health)
Quest Pharmaceutics


Orange Cube Productions | Saint-Petersburgs Studio

TMK (cable) | Driver (DIntCom) | Zabrus Global Media5 (television stations)

FTMedia InterNational | T-Plus (Europe, America, UK, International, TSN)

1Under license from CPN Holdings or Laserium Networks

2 Co-owned between Quest Communications and Quest Software & Technology.
3 Co-owned between Quest International Television and Quest Communications.
4 Co-owned with Hyper Holdings. 5 Co-owned with Rubrum and RKO Holdings. CPN Media Group owns a minority stake in AMG (12%).

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