April-November 2016


ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings was founded in 2016 and maintains a strong affiliateship with GBC.

When Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings was sued by Crystal Holdings, Lava Lamp Entertainment, bOnage Animation Studios and Laserium Holdings in October of that year, Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings split up and sold most of it's TV assets to Glass Clock Networks. The unsold TV assets are now under 10MTV Inc, a subsidiary of Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings.

Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings announce to merged into Village Lava but merger approved in November 2016, it merged into Village Lava.

Former assets

10MTV Inc

10MTV Inc is a television industry-focused subsidiary of Ktuhbodonut2011 Holdings.

Roblox Networks LLC

Acquisitions pending​

Closed and/or defunct

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