Not to be confused with a Filipino Car Dealer Kotse Network

1985-1991 (As Wrenchenwon)

1992-1998 (As Chancom)

1998-present (as Kotse Network)

1998 (prelaunch)

Kotse Network Prelaunch Logo .png


In June 1st, 1998,Chancom Has Shutted Down,with Kotse Network taking over

Kotse Network Logo (90's-2013).png

This looks exactly the same logo with the car dealer of the same name,the channel runs in 360p 1:1 in 1998,which is upgraded to 480p 5:4 the same year,and upgraded to 4:3,remaining the 480p resolution by 2003


All Cartoon Network related channels is perfect squared by 2012,this is the only Cartoon Network related channel that is not perfect squared by 2020

Kotse Network Logo (2012).png

At January 2nd,2012,this logo was first shown at 3:00pm in America with the Premier of Naruto Shippuden,Asia in March 15th,2012 at 1:30pm with the Premier of Dylan The Show,Europe In December 25th, 2012 after an episode of Wayside and Internationally On March 11th, 2013. The Channel Became 854x480 (16:9 at 480p) by 2018,an HD Counterpart launched in 2014,airing at 1920x1080 ratio,and an HD+ counterpart in 2020,airing at 4320x2160

This logo looks like the Cartoon Network logo (2004-2011),but "C" is relplaced with "K" along with "Cartoon" replaced by "Kotse",the main colors on the tilted cubes is red


  • Cartoon Network
  • Kat-tun Network (2012 logo)
  • Chad Network (New Wave Era)

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