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In 1995, Konami was planned to make games on the short-lived Virtual Boy before it failed due to focus on N64. They supposed to go by release in 1996. The lineup consists of:

  • The Contra - A direct sequel to Contra and Super C, contains the adventures of Bill and Lance ignoring the events of Contra III: The Alien Wars, Contra Force, and Contra Hard Corps.
  • Castlevania III: Belmont Returns - A sequel to Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge, it set takes 5 years later.
  • Pop n'TwinBee - A direct port of the Super Nintendo game.
  • Policenauts - A port of the Hideo Kojima's 1994 cult hit.
  • Gyruss 3D - A 3D Missile Command 3D-like rendered remake of the cult arcade hit Gyruss.
  • Parodius Extreme - A 3D parody of early Konami 3D-platform games.
  • Gradius IV - A sequel to Gradius III. The title was delayed and instead released for the arcades in 1999.
  • NBA World - NBA players run around their basketball world.
  • Snatcher - A direct port of the 1988 MSX2 Hideo Kojima classic.
  • Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake - A port of the 1990 MSX2 Hideo Kojima sequel to Metal Gear.
  • Dragoon Might - A port of the 1995 arcade game.
  • International Superstar Soccer Virtual Edition - The Virtual Boy version of the 1994 game International Super Soccer.
  • Animaniacs - Based on the animated TV series by Warner Bros., its a direct port of the SNES version.