Klub TV (first era)

Janurary 9, 1985

KTV 1985 Logo

The channel was founded by Hungarian-born entrepreneur, Elek Caesar. This was only used on the launch date of the channel.

January 10, 1985-December 31, 1990

KTV New Logo

The channel was shut down on New Years' Eve for a big refurbishment which took 6 months.

Neuvo Klub TV

June 31, 1991-January 1, 1992


This was used until New Year's Day 1992, when the channel changed its name back to Klub TV.

Klub TV (second era)

January 2, 1992-August 8, 2003

KTV 1992 Logo
This logo was used until 2003 when Klub TV's children's block, Kidz' Klub TV was launched.

August 8, 2003-February 16, 2020 (primary logo), February 16, 2020-present (on-screen logo)

KTV 2003 Logo

February 16, 2020-present (primary logo, idents and promos only)

KTV 2020 Logo

The rebrand was announced right after ViacomCBS acquired the network in 2019. The rebrand will have the channel's network targeting changing from Teens and Adults to Teens, and with it's children's block shutting down on February 16, much to the dismay of some fans of the network.

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