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Kivatoons Teen is the sister channel of Kivatoons Network, launched on March 21, 2008. Aimed primarily at teenagers aged 13–19, the channel features a mix of original programming, feature films, and acquired programs initially geared towards pre-teens and young teenagers.

The K


The K.png

The channel is originally known as The K from April 1, 2007 as a program block on Toon Kivatoons (now Kivatoons Network Too)/August 3, 2009 as a standalone channel to November 30, 2014.

Kivatoons 4Teen


Kivatoons 4Teen 2013.png

In December 1, The K is rebranded to Kivatoons 4Teen. The logo is similar to Nickelodeon 4Teen France logo from 2014. The main color of "Teen" part is purple.

Kivatoons Teen


Kivatoons Teen.png

On September 11, 2017, Kivatoons 4Teen became Kivatoons Teen.