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VTLtd.?action=edit E Keegan, LLC
Keegan Networks:
Keegan TV (HD) | Brick TV1 | Keegan TV on ABC2 | The Garrett Network5

Keegan Ltd. Interactive

Keegan Entertainment:
Gorilligan Entertainment3 | Keegan Limited Television Production, Inc. | Keegan Limited Television Distribution, Inc. | Keegan Ltd. | Keegan Ltd. Home Entertainment | Gorilla Keegan Ltd. Home Entertainment3 | Keegan Ltd. Quebec

Thunderbolt Cola4 | Keegan Records, Ltd. | Keegan Ltd. Consumer Products

Defunct Properties:
None has been defunct yet

1Joint venture with NBCUniversal, LEGO, Brick Group, CBS Corporation, and Gorilla Communications.
2Co-owned with The Walt Disney Company
3Co-owned with Gorilla Communications
4 Co-owned with The Coca-Cola Company
5 Assets owned by Penguin Garrett Inc, Gorilla Keegan Ltd owns 68% of it

Keegan ltd
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