KWSB-DT is a commercial-free indie television station located at Dougall Media in Sherwood, Arkansas and serves the Jacksonville and Little Rock areas. It operates on channel 18 as part of the centralcasting service of Dougall Media. KWSB-DT offers a family-friendly programming format with a variety of news, talk, sports, movies, cartoons, preschool favorites, documentaries, and great family entertainment. KWSB Television Inc. and Dougall Media.

May 7, 1957-June 4, 1964

KWSB 1957

June 5, 1964-April 20, 1974

KWSB 1964

April 21, 1974-July 15, 2005

April 21, 1974-November 21, 1980

KSWB 1974

November 22, 1980-July 14, 1983

KWSB 1991

July 19, 1983-July 15, 2005

KWSB 1992

KEXZ Broadcasting was acquired 20% by CBS Corporation in 1997.

KWSB Universal ident 1999

KWSB Universal ident 1999

July 16, 2005-January 6, 2014

KWSB 2005
KWSB DirecTV 18 2005

In 2005, DirecTV bought a 20% stake in KWSB-TV. Thus, KWSB-TV becomes a DirecTV affiliate and rebranded itself as "DIRECTV 18".

2014-2018 (primary) 2018-2020 (secondary)

KWSB18 2014

As of January 6, 2014, in order to redirect DirecTV's programming to KDLD-TV (channel 15) and other KIVO-owned stations, KWSB remain becomes a independent station and returning the branding as "KWSB 18" and offers a new family-friendly programming lineup with little and older kids all day, and families all night on 18.1, along with a general entertainment format under the branding "18+" on 18.2, a VOD-powered general entertainment channel under the branding "18Xtra" on 18.3, and a 24-hour preschool channel under the branding "18 Jr." on 18.4, along with new standardized graphics seen for all KIVO-owned television stations, a new music package for KWSB-TV is "The X Package" by Gari Media Group, and a new bigger always-on ticker which is a first for a television station.

The logo still uses on-air tandem STN18 logo.


Kwsb 2018
In October 2018, with the launch of STN, STN and DirecTV announced that KWSB-TV will now become an STN O&O station.


KWSB-TV 2019

Rumors said that T&C owners would buy STN stations. But the rumor was proven wrong. And KWSB-TV was reverted to an independent station in the process. KSWB-TV made an agreement with Dougall Media for the ICI network on 14 July 2020 and will become a network station from 1 August 2020.



The station will go digital as a result of the agreement with Dougall.

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