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KNOS-TV is an STN television station in Topeka, Kansas and broadcasts on channel 5.

June 1958-August 1969


KNOS-TV was launched on June 12, 1958. Originally, it covered only the Topeka area, but soon rapidly extended into the entire state of Kansas. This was used as an print logo along with the next logo until January 1970.

August 1969-January 1970

August 1969-January 1970.png

KNOS-TV switched to color in 1969, and so the logo was colorized.

January 1970-June 1976

January 1970-June 1976.png

In January 1970, the logo was modernized, the slogan "Kansas's Number #1 Station" was added.

June 1976-February 1982

June 1976-February 1982.png

In June 1976, the slogan and the "TV" from KNOS was removed, leaving only the "3" and the KNOS text.

February 1982-November 1984

February 1982-November 1984.png

In 1982, the font was changed again and the color of the "3" was made lighter.

November 1984-January 1992

November 1984-January1992.png

In 1984, due to an conflict between an another station and KNOS, KNOS-TV switched from channel 3 to channel 5, and so the "3" in the logo was changed to a "5".

January 1992-December 1999

January 1992-December 1999.png

The color of the "5" was changed to red.

December 1999-November 2001

December 1999-November 2001.png

In 1999, ".com" was added to the end of the KNOS text to promote KNOS-TV's website, the color of the "5" was also changed back to light blue.

Logo without the .com, used as an on-screen logo.

November 2001-2018

November 2001-January 2013.png

January 2013-2018

January 2013-present.png

So far, this has only been used on social media.


KNOS 2018.png