Nick Two


KNICK was launched as a San Antonio Nickelodeon affiliate in 1990 as the second Nickelodeon station after NICK-DT which launched in 1977 as SPN, and later 1989 as Nickelodeon 62


The logo was refined to feature the splat logo.


Nick Two Drums variant 2006

the design of the logo was changed to look identical to the Nick Hits logo, it the ranges from Drums (as shown here) to the iconic splat logo

Nick 2


Nick Two 2009-2017

As fall-2009 rolled out, KNICK updated their logo to reflect the present day logo


Almost 8 years after the station rebranded, the logo was changed, the circle under "2" was removed, the word "nick" had more saturation added to it, and the color of number "2" was changed to black.

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