KKFS-TV is a commercial-free television station located in Stockton, California and serves the Sacramento area operating on channel 55 which begins broadcasting in 1959 as a satellite station of WGBH-TV in Boston, MA. It is a preschool-friendly independent station and is owned by Laserium Television Stations.

Originally the station was known as TV55 until late-1992, Barney 55 (which aired Barney & Friends episodes and direct-to-video episodes/specials around the clock) until 1999, Lyrick TV55 until 2002 and HIT55 until 2017, and it was also owned by the WGBH Educational Foundation until 1987, KKFS Broadcasting Corporation until 1992, The Lyons Group until 1997, Lyrick Studios until 2002 and HIT Entertainment until 2017.


As a satellite station of WGBH-TV, KKFS-TV offers the logo separate from the Boston station.


KKFS-TV begins broadcasting in color in 1968, adopting the rainbow logo.


Under a satellite of WGBH-TV, the logo for KKFS-TV is based on the WGBX-TV logo.


KKFS-TV becomes "TV55" in 1987 and the logo was based on the WFFT-TV logo from 1983.


After 42 years as a general-interest station, KKFS-TV relaunches as Barney 55 in late-1992 and was based on the Barney & Friends logo but the "55" part of the logo was still based on the 1983 WFFT-TV logo.


KKFS-TV revamps to Lyrick TV55 in 1999, and it was based on the Lyrick Studios logo.


Under partnership with HIT Entertainment, KKFS-TV officialy becomes HIT55 in 2002 and it was based on the 1997 HIT Entertainment logo.


KKFS-TV launched a new on-air look and a new logo in 2006 and it is based on the current 2006 HiT Entertainment logo.


Laserium Television Stations acquired the 50% stake in the station from HIT Entertainment, and KKFS-TV begins importing all of their preschool shows from around the world while adding classic Treehouse TV shows such as Treetown and classic shows such as Big Bag and Allegra's Window, it is re-branded as simply KKFS Fifty-Five.

Despite Laserium acquired the 50% stake from HIT, KKFS-TV will continue to broadcast shows and specials from the HIT Entertainment library.

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