KFPFan1999Pro VGCP and FrozenFan2003Pro FDMF Products.

Logo: On a purple background, We saw Elsa and Po are best friends! But Elsa was on the left movement and Po was on the right movement! Bending letters are K and P A and F P and S! It says "KFPFan1999Pro666 VGCP and FrozenFan2003Pro888 FDMF Productions"

Variant:There is a later version with the logo being destroyed by a bomb

FX/SFX: Po left direction, Elsa right direction

Music/Sounds: Columbia Pictures 1976, Columbia Pictures Television 1976, Columbia Pictures Television 1987, and Columbia Pictures Television 1993

Scare Factor: 1976 version Low. This is a favorite of many. 1987 version  Low  medium. The loud music/dark background combination might startle some people 1993 version None