KDUL-TV is a commercial-free television station serving the areas of Bryant and Benton, Arkansas having launched on May 21st, 1963 and broadcasts on channel 32. It is affiliated with Dish Network of which the station becomes affiliated in 2004 until its return to being a independent in 2005, and is owned by KB Broadcasting, the station is branded as Dish Arkansas and is also broadcasting on its satellite stations including KKPB-TV (channel 62) in Pine Bluff, KSHH-TV (channel 23) in Sheridan, KCNY-TV (channel 51) in Conway, KJXS-TV (channel 35) in Jonesboro, KHAS-TV (channel 38) in Harrison, KTXK-TV (channel 36) in Texarkana, and KLSK-TV (channel 26) in Mena and Fort Smith. Until December 31st, 2017, KDUL-TV formerly operated satellite stations which is turned into satellites of KCER-DT42.3 in Benton including KRTF-TV (channel 10) in Conway, KJES-TV (channel 38) in Jonesboro, KHRM-TV (channel 20) in Harrison, and KPBF-TV (channel 68) in Sheridan and Pine Bluff. KDUL-TV broadcasts a variety of programming including music videos (both top 40 and country via 3-hour blocks), entertainment, sports, and information along with WWE programming including all pay-per-view events. Originally the station was a satellite of KTYS-TV until 1978, becoming a independent station until 2004 and again until 2008, and was affiliated with DirecTV until 2014.


It was based on the early 60's NET logo, it was operated as a satellite of KTYS-TV (now known as KIVO-TV).


It was based on the 1977 WSBK-TV logo, it was branded as "TV32".


In 1991, Paramount Stations Group acquires 50% of KDUL-TV, becoming Paramount 32, using the logo style from Paramount-owned stations.


It was based on the 2001 WMLW logo, it was branded as "Benton's new TV32"


It was based on the 2005 Dish Network logo, but added the channel number and the call letters to the bottom of it.


It was based on the KPDX 2006 logo, it was branded as "DUL32"


It was based on the 2008 DirecTV logo, but added a channel number right next to it.


It is based on the Dish Cinema logo.

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