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in 2007, after North Korean military (via Cuban military) took over Fakira (which is part of Zoytex and still as of now, despite North Korean military took control of that), ZGALA-TV forced switch affiliate from ZTN to the newly created channel, KCTV Fakira (which is Fakira, Zoytex version of Korean Central Television), and force other stations in Fakira to switch from Zoytexian networks (including Teleocho, Canal 21, Canal 12 and El Canal De Zoytex) away to other North Korean networks (Mansudae TV, Ryongnamsan TV and Cheyug TV) or overwise shutdown due to North Korea's aggressive law to prohibit non-North Korean tech and television companies from operating or selling or possession in Fakira.

in 2008, North Korean government began to jam several of TV stations that near Fakira using ZGALA-TV.