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July 7,2002-2003[]

200px-NickToons TV LA

KNTN Launched On July 2002, 6 years after TOON-DT's Launch

2003-September 26,2005[]

KNTN Was Rebranded with a new look after TOON-DT


165px-4 Nicktoons Network

On September 26, 2005, Nicktoons introduced a new look and became Nicktoons Network4. The logo was designed in house.[1Exopolis created the new on-air package.[2] This logo has a globe shown with orange slime and a 4 on it. Beginning with this era, Nicktoons would begin to feature both classic and original programming.


In late September 2009, KNTN Was renamed to Nicktoons

June 5 2014-July 24, 2015[]

Nicktoons 4 2009

The number 4 was added in 2014. On July 1st, 2015 , it was announced that KNTN will Cease operations, on July 24th, on that day, KNTN Aired it's last program (Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal), after that, the screen faded to black, 3 Hours Later, It Showed the Color Bars


July 25, 2015-present[]


In July, Turner announced that the station will be relaunched as a CN affiliate. The station relaunched on July 25th as KCTN-TV.

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