KCBX-TV is a commercial-free television station located in San Francisco, California and is affiliated with the UK preschool channel CBeebies. It broadcasts on channel 16 and is owned by Take-Two Interactive with studios at the KCBX Plaza in Oakland, California. Originally the station, which began broadcasting in 1982, was a video game-oriented independent station until 2002, and it was also owned by Electronic Arts until 2000 when EA get rid of the 1982 logo, and Sega until 2005.


KCBXTV16 1982

When the station launched in 1982 as a independent station, it was based on the 1982 KMTR-TV logo.


KCBXTV16 1989

In 1989, KCBX-TV launches a new logo featuring the 1982 Electronic Arts logo, and it was still based on the KMTR-TV logo from 1982.


In 1997, it launched a new KTLA-style modern look for KCBX-TV and the "16" portion is still based on the KMTR-TV 1982 logo.


In 2000, KCBX-TV relaunched as Sega 16 under supervision with Visual Concepts, it was based on the 1982 KMTR-TV logo and the Sega AM-2 logo.


In 2002, KCBX-TV becomes affiliated with CBeebies in time for the premiere of the Fimbles and rebranded again as "CBeebies 16" of which the "16" portion was still based on the KMTR-TV 1982 logo.


In 2010, KCBX-TV begins broadcasting in high-definition of which, it rebranded and revamped as "CBeebies Bay Area" or "KCBX 16" under the new slogan "CBeebies for the Bay Area" and it was based on the 2012 WBXH-CD logo and the "CBeebies Bay Area" logo is based on the CBeebies logo, but "Bay Area" is used instead of the BBC logo.

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