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KBLX-TV is a commercial television station that serves Ballybug/Stickyfeet, WA that begin broadcasting in 1985. It is licensed to Bernhard and broadcasts on channel 38, it was owned and operated by the Fox Television Stations subsidiary of Fox Corporation. It is an affiliate of the American broadcast network Fox from 1986-1990 and again since 2013.



KBLX-TV first broadcast on July 18, 1985 under the ownership of Ballybug Media Company, broadcasting on UHF channel 38. Initially operating as a general independent station, KBLX-TV later joined the Fox Broadcasting Company as its charter affiliate on October 9, 1986, although it was not until mid-1988 that the station began adopting "Fox 38" as its on-air branding. This logo is based on the 1979 BBC2 logo.



In September 1990, KBLX-TV dropped its Fox affiliation (which later moved to KXXA-TV, which changed its callsign to KBFX-TV and is now known as KJBL) and became a full-time independent station for the first time after its brief period in 1985-1986. The station later dropped the station's old branding in favor of the station's call letters, branding it as "KBLX-TV 38".


Westinghouse '38'

Despite not being owned by the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company (or "Group W"); the logo used here and continuing until 1995 would use a "38".


KBLX-TV 1993

In February 1993, KBLX-TV was purchased by Northstar Television Group (which became the company's first independent station property) and began adopting a new logo that would later be used by former sister station WKBA-TV in Plotagon City from 1994 to 1996. Along with the new logo, the station changed its branding again from the station's call sign to "TV38" under the new slogan More News, More Entertainment. Northstar Television was later bought out by Argyle Television Holdings II, a company which was formed in late 1994 by a group of managers and executives who left the first incarnation of Argyle Television (the former Times-Mirror Broadcasting) after that company sold all of its stations to New World Communications, in January 1995.


KBLX-TV 1994



KBLX-TV 1995

On January 6, 1995, a few days into the transition from an independent station, KBLX-TV dropped its old logo (including the Westinghouse design language logo of the past 2 years) and began adopting its TV38 branding into the new logo, while retaining the blue used on the station.

On January 11, 1995, KBLX-TV regained its network affiliate status when the station became a charter affiliate of The WB Television Network as part of Time Warner's affiliation deal with Argyle Television for the Ballybug station. Later on January 16, 1995, as part of an affiliation deal with Chris-Craft, the station added a secondary affiliation with UPN and carried network programming on Mondays and Tuesdays to fill gaps in the station's schedule. Then in November 1996, Argyle Television sold KBLX-TV to Kranada Broadcasting Limited, a company formed by former Dobol R Media managers and executives who left the company in 1994.


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In September 2000, KBLX-TV dropped The WB affiliation (which instead moved to low-powered satellite station K02LX-D) and became the sole UPN affiliate for the entire Ballyburg area.


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KBLX-TV numeral 2006


KBLX-TV 2006


KBLX-TV 2013

In 2013, the station regained its Fox affiliation. In June 2019, Fox Television Stations purchased the station outright from Kranada, making KBLX-TV a Fox O&O station.


KBLX-TV 2020