Jinx is a TV channel that targets boys, owned by YSR Partners and is a sister channel of YSR Network.

Jinx is considered an American version of Pop Max.


April 7, 2017-present

Jinx! Logo

On April 7th, 2017, 7 YSR channels were merged: YSR Kids, YSR Junior, YSR Teen, YSR Adults, YSR World, YSR Nature, YSR Anime. These channels were merged to create a new channel: Jinx. An international version was launched in August 2017 as YSR Network Jinx. The international version was rebranded as Jinx in 2019, however, the British version of YSR Network Jinx still exists.


October 17, 2017 (unused), 2018 (unused again)

This Jinx logo is unused.

In 2018, Viobiology tried to rebrand the channel using this logo, but failed.


DOG Test)

DOG Test)

Sorry, the title has a glitch! It was supposed to say "Sonic X on Jinx! USA (Screen Bug/DOG Test)" but removed the beginning and middle words!

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