Jefferson Smith Productions

Nicknames: The Badly Made Mountain, Blatantly Made Mountain, Pixelated Mountain, Badly Rendered Mountain, Paramount of Boredom, Paramount Ripoff, Mt. Jefferson, (Un)Majestic Mountain, Bad CGI mountain, Low-Poly Mountain, Brycemount, Cheapest Logo In The Entire Universe.

Logo: A still image of a mountainous background covered in clouds with the word "Jefferson Smith Productions" on it.

Variant: A similar version of this logo replaces the "Jefferson Smith Productions" logo with the "Paolo Landayan Productions" on it.

FX/SFX: The still image is CGI

Cheesy Factor: As possible, the entire image is done using Bryce 7 or Terragen 2.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the video, none for my personal videos. Most of my fan videos or fair use uploaded videos will either use a randomly used opening theme or a randomly selected sound.

Availability: It will be used in my newly-uploaded videos via my YouTube account.

Scare Factor: None. However, some of the sound variants will mostly annoy/troll you.