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Jakebross Network is a Commercial-free children's television network owned by JakeWorks and founded in 1989 as Acme TV

Acme Television


Acme TV logo (1985-1989)

starting in March 1989, the Network had launched


Acme TV logo (1989-1997)

Acme TV dropped the eye due to copyright from ATV (United Kingdom), so they had to rebrand with a new logo. and now shortened to "ATV"


ATV logo (1997-1999)

in 1997, when ATV started airing Nicktoons from 1991-1997, They rebranded.


ATV logo (1999-2002)

in 1999, They added the star to the 1997 logo.

in 2002, ATV was shutted down and replaced with "The Vuvi E. Channel"

The Vuvi E. Channel


The Vuvi E. Network logo 2002-2004


The Vuvi E. Network logo 2004-2009

in 2004, they added the "Smile Face of Jake E." logo.

The Josh Channel


The Josh Channel 2009-2011

in 2009, They changed the "Smile Face of Jake E." logo and making it renamed to The Josh Channel.


The Josh Channel 2011-2012

in 2011, The "Smile Face of Jake E." was gone and change to black

Jakebross Studios Network


Jakebross Studios Network 2012-2013

Jan 2013-June 2019

Coming soon!

Jakebross Network

June 2019-present

Jakebross network new

in 2019, they used this logo for June 2019

Prototype logo for June 2019 rebrand

Jakebross network scrapped logo (June 22, 2019)

It was going to had this logo.

It can only be seen on this project: click on it here

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