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Background: JLS + MF15 Productions is a TV production company founded in 2020 by Aleph Diallo and the Scratch user MetroidFan15. It was changed to JLS+MF15 in mid-2020. It is now owned by BAD Productions, owned by Berayah Jones and Aleph Diallo. (Note: This company is sorta real. It just doesn't belong on any other logo site).

JoweeLovesScratch + MetroidFan15 Productions (Prototype #1)

The logo involves the CTTV logo music,but when the last part comes, MF15 says "Ram!" This one was scrapped due to it being slightly boring.

JLS+MF15 Productions


The logo has no sound, so the ending theme to a show can continue during this part.


Designer:  Unknown, probably Minitour Studios.
Typography:  Sans Serif
Launched:  January 2022

The logo usually has no music, but sometimes it has the CTTV logo in the background, which is usually rare.

However, this logo was short-lived due to BAD Productions' merger with Capowe Television Group.

V β€’ T β€’ E Capowe Holdings, Inc.
Capowe Motion Pictures Group

Capowe Pictures | No Film Left Behind Studios

V β€’ T β€’ E No Film Left Behind
No Film Left Behind Interactive Media | NFLB Animation Studios

NFLB Television Studios
No Film Left Behind Television Distribution | In Association With Productions

NFLB Home Media Group
No Film Left Behind Home Video | Mondo Home Video1 2 3
1 Joint venture with Qube Holdings.
2 Joint venture with Mondo Media.

3 Originally a joint venture with StudioWorks Entertainment until 2007.

NFLB Wordmark.svg
A Capowe Holdings company.

Capowe Animation and Design/Capowe Studios
Capowe Digital Media | Capowe Visual Effects

Capowe Labs
Software: Boulder Editor
Encoding software: NFLB Video Encoding System

Capowe Television Group
Capowe Television Studios1 | Braniff Productions1 | NFLB Television Studios

Capowe Music Group
Capowe Records | NFLB Records

Balls Studios Chicago2 JLS+MF15 Productions3 BAD Productions

1 Joint venture with Qube Holdings.
2 Shut down due to the Gabriel Garcia pedo incident.
3 Shut down due to the acquisition and shutdown of BAD Productions.

Capowe Holdings.svg

owned by Aleph Diallo/KGISINTHEHOUSE