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Alex Dupree, known as J-Files Graphics, is an animator and comic book publisher who joined GoAnimate on February 4, 2011. Until 2011, J-Files Graphics never had a logo in animation. His username was originally JFilesBooks40 until 2011 starting as an alternate name since it introduced his current username, but starting with the music video You Are Hiding My Place, the company introduced its current name in animation.

January 2008–September 14, 2012[]

J-Files Graphics logo (2012)

This logo made its animation debut on the second episode of The Adam Show. This logo was also on the comic book series Adam The Flying Bunny.

September 22, 2011–July 9, 2012[]

JFiles Graphics logo (2011-2012)

This logo was introduced in the sixth episode of The Fabulous Four. It featured the Black Shield, a character from The Fabulous Four and the film The Black Shield.

September 21, 2012–present[]

J-Files Graphics logo (2012-present)

In 2012, J-Files Graphics received a new logo. It was introduced in the fifth episode of The Adam Show.