Investigation Discovery (first era)


Investigation Discovery first logo


Investigation Discovery 2012

in 2013, when ID Crenisa starts to air SMG4, ID Crenisa became a meme channel for being crime documentary channel airing a weird non-crime non-documentary show, later that day, Investigation Discovery aired special ident about SMG4.


ID 2017

in November 6, 2018, ID Crenisa aired its last show (before aruptly replace with Discovery Jeet) was "SMG4" episode titled "THE BOOTLEG DIMENSION", which started at 11:55pm, at 12mn, ID Crenisa was aruptly closed (its last image was glitchy background with tank and 2 2D Toads (which all these are from said episode of SMG4) while its last line before ID Crenisa freezes to Discovery Jeet Crenisa was "FIGHT! LAUNCH T-") and replaced with Discovery Jeet Crenisa, with its first show, "Khan: No. 1 Crime Hunter" which started in middle of show.

Discovery Jeet


Discovery Jeet logo

in November 7, 2018, Discovery Crenisa surprisely rebranded Investigation Discovery to Discovery Jeet, causing Discovery Jeet Crenisa to drop all non-Indian shows (including ID USA shows and SMG4), which cause Crenisan SMG4 fans outrages and protests around Crenisa about rebrand, which cause "War of the Fat Italians 2018" TV premiere (which was scheduled on November 10, instead it shows Anjaan: Special Crime Unit) was cancelled on Investigation Discovery Crenisa after the rebrand and instead premiere on TNT.

in some promos, its slogan is "Purely Indian"

In January 16, 2020, at 5.20am, Discovery Jeet Crenisa aired its last show, "Comedy High School", after that, Discovery Jeet aired its last ident (which ran for about 5 minutes), called "Goodbye Indians", which has Indian TV serials (that aired on Discovery Jeet Crenisa) actors saying goodbye to Crenisan viewers.

Its slogan in its final ident was "Thanks for nearly 2 years for purely Indian".

Investigation Discovery (second era)


ID 2017

In January 16, 2020, after lowest ratings at all time as Discovery Jeet (due to lack of SMG4), Discovery Crenisa reverts Discovery Jeet to Investigation Discovery back.

at January 16, 2020, at 6am, Investigation Discovery aired 24 hour marathon of SMG4.


May 1, 2020 (upcoming)

in April 18, 2020, from May 1, Investigation Discovery to be rebranded as "ID", using 2020 logo from ID USA.

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